PENNSYRR.COM by Jerry Britton

Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

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sb lewistown 1923 1    
sb lewistown 1923 2 
  • Though Juniata Street still does not connect to Water Street due to the Elder & Eckbert mill property, Mill Street is now shown as a path around the mill.


sb lewistown 1923 3 
  • The coal wharf fed by a switch at the junction of Water and Wayne streets has been removed.
sb lewistown 1923 4
  •  At the lower right corner of the Franciscus Company ("Lumber and Coal Yard"), two buildings (residences?) have been replaced by a warehouse ("The Franciscus Co.")
  • The business at 30 S. Dorcas Street is now labeled "Tire Sales & Service".
  • Leora's restaurant is now labeled "Rest" at 28 S. Dorcas Street.
  • Two buildings on the alley, previously labeled "Ware Ho." and "Vac." are now labeled "Ware Ho. (Beer)" and "Beer W. Ho.".
  • A building on the alley, previously labeled "Whol. Fruit", is now labeled "Feed W. Ho.".
  • A previously unlabeled entity is now labeled "The Hoffman Co. | Coal Lumber and Building Supplies".
  • The Penn Central Light & Power Co. | Elec. Generating Plant" has been replaced by "Penna. Edison Co. | Service B'ld'g". Its siding has been re-routed into The Hoffman Co.
  • "H. C. Jackson Supply Co. | Coal Wood & Feed" is now "Texas Co. | Bulk Oil Sta.". The coal shed behind has been replaced by "East Penn. Gas Co., Inc. - Mid Penn. Divn. | Subsidiary of Atlantic States Gas Co., Inc.".
sb lewistown 1923 5 
  • "Childs, Green & Childs | Whol. Grocers" has been replaced by "Harrisburg Auto Parts Co.".
  • "Lewistown Motor Co." has been replaced by "Furni. W. Ho.", "Flour & Feed Stge", "Chicken Hatchery", and "Gen'l. S'tge.".
  • Previously unlabeled site (original Planing Mill) is now labeled "M. W. Brandt Co. | Coal, Lumber & Building Supplies".
  • "Lewistown Knitting Co." has been replaced by "Montgomery Ward | W. Ho.".
  • "Whitman Schwartz Co." has been expanded and replaced by "Whol. Gro.". (eventually Lewistown Frozen Foods | Coble's).
  • The "Auto Rep'g | Shop" is now labeled "W. Ho.".
  • A "Bldg. Mat. W. Ho." has been added (Hoffman Supply).
  • "M. W. Brandt | Coal & Lumber" has been replaced by "Hoffman Supply Co. | Coal L'br & Bldg. Supplies".
sb lewistown 1923 13
  • "Hides Stored" has been replaced by "Lubricating Oils W. Ho.".
  • A private siding has been added for "Juniata  Valley Gas & Oil Co.".
sb lewistown 1923 14
  • "Sun Oil Co. | Bulk Plant" has been added; no private siding.
  • "Miscl. Storage Ho." has been replaced by "Junk Yard" (J. Krentzman).
  • "Store Ho. & Stable Storage" has been replaced by "Lewistown Dry Cleaning & Laundry Co.".
  • "The Heverly Mfg. Storage & Supply Co." has been replaced by "Lewistown Ice & Storage Co.".
sb lewistown 1923 15    
sb lewistown 1923 16
  • The track arrangement has been simplified and fits on one page.
sb lewistown 1923 17
  • The track arrangement has been simplified and fits on one page.
sb lewistown 1923 18


  • The "Ice Ho." and a "Tool Ho." have been removed.


  • The "Junction Tower" and "Tool Ho." have been removed.
  • The REA building has the additional label of "Apts.".
  • The "Junction Hotel | Vacant" has been replaced by "Apts.".
sb lewistown 1923 19 
  • "Susquehanna Silk Co." has been replaced by "Various Mfg. & St'ge Occupancies".
  • "American Oil Co." has been added; no private siding.
  • "Motor Freight Sta." has been added (Manino's Bananas).
  • "City Highway Dept." replaces former coal yard.
  • "Oil Tanks" has been relabeled "Atlantic Refining Co.".
  • "Coal Yard" is shown (James Goss).
  • "Milk Depot" has been added (Supplee-Wills-Jones).