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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

It's been quite a while since my last construction update, though construction has certainly continued. A lot has taken place in the household and my time on the model railroad has been inconsistent as I dealt with unusual weather, my first going to college, etc. I hope to provide a video update in a few weeks.

Over the holidays I completed the top level of the railroad, which represents the Bellefonte Central Railroad. It will be more for display than anything, but it is schematically correct and functional.


Framing Mass Production

image not availableI am preparing for a major benchwork expansion over the coming weeks... a 16' extension will feature three levels. The lower will be the bi-directional staging yard. Eight inches above will be the Lewistown Secondary. The top level will be the Milroy Secondary.

Knowing that I would need more than a dozen identical vertical framing structures, I opted to cut and assemble them in the garage. To keep everything parallel and square, I set up an assembly jig. I dropped in the horizontal members, then laid the vertical members and attached them. I also drilled the holes for the DCC power bus on each level, the LocoNet bus on the middle level, and holes on the middle level for rope lighting for the staging level.

In two weeks I will build the base for the expansion. These vertical members will then quickly attach to the completed base, then I will be off and running.

More photos here.