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I've long been a fan of the photography of Joe Henry Kline. He took many photos along the Middle Division with an emphasis on Lewistown and Denholm. I had also heard that Joe Henry had constructed an excellent HO scale model of the Lewistown station.

Imagine my surprise when the Spring 2012 issue of The Keystoneshowed up today and featured Joe Henry's modeling on page 65. Not only did Joe Henry do a superb job of modeling the station, he did justice to the Railway Express Agency building to the east of the station, the roundhouse, and the Denholm coal wharf!

Joe Henry has set the bar mighty high for me... I only wish I had had the opportunity to see his work in person. Magnificent!

Work continues on the HO scale Middle Division...

Since last report I have added the backdrops to the framework extensions and painted them sky blue.

I've built the framing that connects that extension with the upper level of the existing framing... in other words, the area of Mann's Narrows that exists between Yeagertown and KV Junction. KV Junction is a few hundred yards railroad west of Reedsville.

It's been quite a while since my last construction update, though construction has certainly continued. A lot has taken place in the household and my time on the model railroad has been inconsistent as I dealt with unusual weather, my first going to college, etc. I hope to provide a video update in a few weeks.

Over the holidays I completed the top level of the railroad, which represents the Bellefonte Central Railroad. It will be more for display than anything, but it is schematically correct and functional.

The wife left for Vegas this morning for five days... so I get five days of "training" at home. Luck be a Lady!

I didn't waste any time and got down to business on a 16' by 4' extension into the rec room... passing through where the wall used to be.

On top of these I attached the superstructure components I previously built-up assembly line style. This worked out super well. It only took an hour to install all of the superstructures.

The Pennsylvania Midland Railroad, as described in this series of articles, is a freelance railroad created by Jerry Britton. The railroad is inspired by actual events and histories of related railroads in Mifflin and Centre counties of Pennsylvania. Past history is not changed, but leveraged to create future outcomes that never came to fruition.

At the other end of "The Big Valley" from the PM, the Kishacoquillas Valley Rail Roadhad operated a dozen miles of shortline between the agricultural town of Belleville and the town of Reedsville on the Pennsylvania Railroad's Milroy Branch

Passenger service on the KV was on the decline and the only significant manufacturing interest on the line was the New Holland plant at Belleville. Agricultural traffic was not enough to support the line and the railroad declared bankruptcy late in 1940 and ceased operations in 1941.