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A Modeler's Life

"Remote Ops on the OC" released April 20, 2021. Panel discussion about remote operations on Dave Abeles' Onandaga Cutoff. Jerry (Pennsylvania) and Lionel (Canada) were remote engineers on the model railroad in New Jersey; the dispatcher was in Colorado. 

"A Modeler's Life" Podcast

A Modeler's Life

"Springfield 2020 Recap" released February 11, 2020.

"A Modeler's Life" Podcast

A Modeler's Life on Patreon

"The Kelly Questions" released September 10, 2018.


"A Modeler's Life" Podcast

A Modeler's Life

Episode 97: "Interview" released May 7, 2018.

"2016 Annual Meeting Models – 2"

The Keystone Modeler, Autumn 2016

On page 18, a photo and description of my mid-train lounge "bash" of class PS6L Sumac Falls. This was part of a PRR-Pro project. 

"Building the PRR Middle Division: Mann's Narrows and My Take On SuperTrees"

Susquehanna Sidetracks, January 2014

The first finished part of the model railroad, which earned me the Scenery AP certificate. Pages 9-12. 

"Building the PRR Middle Division: Yeagertown and Control Panels"

Susquehanna Sidetracks, May 2013

The Yeagertown location and my approach to control panels. Pages 10-12.

"Building the PRR Middle Division: Introduction"

Susquehanna Sidetracks, March 2013

Narrative overview of the model railroad's concept and plan. Pages 7-9.