Bethlehem Steel Co. No. 1

Listed as James C. Naginey and A. G. Morris No. 9 in 1900 CT1000.

Listed as Cambria Steel Co. No. 1--Stone Siding in 1923 CT1000.

Listed in 1945 CT1000.  

Photo is of an NRHS excursion train passing the tipple at Naginey in 1937.


Bethlehem Steel Co. No. 2

Listed as James Naginey in 1923 CT1000.

Listed in 1945 CT1000. 

Station (Gone by Period Modeled)

Listed in 1923 CT1000.

Not listed in 1945 CT1000. (Passenger service ceased in 1941.) 

Naginey shelter, 1917:
1917 naginey shelter