The locals refer to this area as "Mount Rock". This is the area where the McDonald's restaurant is today on Electric Avenue. 

Electric Avenue, looking east, 1958:electric avenue 1958 mt rock mill



A view of the area circa 1930s:
:lewistown 3902 1930s

Bridge over the Kishacoquillas Creek

bridge 3902

Spanogle-Yeager Milling Co.

mount rock roller mills

Listed in the 1923 and 1945 CT1000's.

A photograph of one of the Yeager structures is on page 116 of Lewistown and the Pennsyvania Railroad (PRRT&HS).

Present in 1957 Penn Pilot aerial photo. 

1928 goss feed mill

goss millP1010586P1010587

Lewistown Transportation Co.

lewistown electric railway car barn

Listed in the 1923 CT1000 as Lewistown & Reedsville Elec. Ry.

Listed in the 1945 CT1000. 

1928 lewistown transportation1928 lewistown transportation2

H. E. Knepp, Sinclair Refining Co. No. 1 and Independent Oil Co. No. 1

Listed in the 1923 CT1000 as H. E. Knepp.

Listed in the 1945 CT1000. 

Present in 1957 Penn Pilot aerial photo. Provides a clear footprint.

As of November 30, 2014, this location is still active. The majority of the area is a wood planing mill which is still rail served. Several empty bulkhead flats were on the siding inside the yard. Beyond the lumber mill at the end of the siding where a number of oil storage tanks as well as propane tanks. Not sure if this business was still active.

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