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State College station

For most of the Bellefonte Central Railroad's life, State College was its western terminus.

In 1953, President Dwight D. Eisenhower came to State College by train. His brother, Milton, was president of the Pennsylvania State College. You can read more in the article POTUS to Penn State.


Bellefonte Central Railroad Depot in State College Centre County. This would now be the site of the Hammond BuildingThe original State College station was along College Avenue, where the Hammond Building is now.

state college station 1920The original station in 1920, with College Avenue in the foreground.


State College stationThe "new" State College station, just off of Atherton Avenue (PA 322 Business). It remains in use today as a bus station. closeup5
dec 21 1938Heading home for Christmas break, December 21, 1938. State College platform
BCR State College OW HoutsO. W. Houts
1915 Harvard Sendoff1915 sendoff for the Penn State - Harvard football game. people11 1915 sendoff for the Penn State - Harvard football game.
snow13 Likely the 1955 football special (below). 1335815799425
BCR at State College 1949 field6
towers16 statecollege 17
Photos from a 1955 football special:
1955 Football Special 1 1955 Football Special 2
1955 Football Special 3 1955 Football Special 4
1955 Football Special 5 1955 Football Special 6
1955 Football Special 7 1955 Football Special 8
Photos from the "Donahoe Report", 1936, Pattee Library, Pennsylvania State University:
State College 1936 1 State College 1936 3
State College 1936 4 State College 1936 5
State College 1936 8 State College 1936 9
State College 1936 10 State College 1936donahoereport 13