01598 mAfter an eight year stint in N scale, I decided to return to HO scale in early 2008. For the next two years, I considered various locales to model.

I initially focused on the Cumberland Valley Branch. It’s actually only a few miles from my lifelong home, so I’ve had a decent amount of exposure to it. I pondered modeling the east end of Enola as the yard and engine facility. However, it lacked in scenery and was very light on passenger traffic.

I eventually decided upon the Milroy Branch. I had been fascinated with the Milroy line from an early age. I frequented Penn State football games with my family and the trip to those games passed over the line several times. It had very unique white ballast, compared to the gray ballast typical on Pennsylvania railroads. In my early research, I learned that this fairly short line boasted a ton of traffic during the 1950s. A Bethlehem Steel-owned quarry ran dedicated trains of limestone from a quarry to their steel mills in Johnstown. Standard Steel in Burnham exchanged 30 or so cars a day. And the American Viscose (rayon) plant in Lewistown was busy enough to be shifted twice a day. Lewistown had classification yard at its junction with the main line, as well as a downtown yard for shifting the many inbounds and outbounds from the immediate area. The striking mountain passes and trout streams along the line offered much potential for scenery.

Givens & Druthers:

Scale: HO.
Gauge: Standard.
Era: Early fall, early 1950s.
Region: Central Pennsylvania.
Prototype: Pennsylvania Railroad plus freelance Pennsylvania Midland.
Space: Approx. 32′ by 32′ overall, with obstacles.
Governing Rolling Stock: 85′ passenger cars on main line; 50′ cars on secondary lines.
Operating Priorities: • Branch line operations with a meaningful level of switching operations.
• A main line interchange yard with classification opportunities.
• A locomotive maintenance facility.
• Computer-based turnout and signaling control.
• Main line operations, at least at the vignette level.
• Passenger traffic; I love varnish!
• An era and locale where steam and diesel power can coexist.
• Opportunities for stunning scenery.
Operating Crew: 10-12

Control Systems:

Digitrax Super Chief DCC system.
Java Model Railroad Interface (JMRI).
Crandic Automated Traffic System (CATS)

Construction on the new railroad began in May 2010.

The PRR Middle Division Main Line

main line 130521The main line is presented as a vignette. The four track mainline makes a 120 foot loop around the train room. There is an in-line 20 track staging yard, with four to six tracks associated with each of the four main line tracks. Each staging track holds a train consist that is “representative” of one or more trains that run during the schedule. Passenger trains are modeled after the actual Makeup of Trains book; freights per the Schedule of Arranged Freight Service.

Other than running the throttle and obeying the signals, there won’t be much for the main line road crews to do. But then again, I have several operators that prefer to run through trains.

The end of staging to the east represents Harrisburg/Enola; to the west, Altoona. Heading west, a train will come out of staging just east of the Lewistown Station, pass the “upper yard” at Lewistown Junction, pass through LEWIS interlocking, pass Mt. Union, then head into staging again.

A few passenger trains stop at Lewistown, but not many. One east bound freight and one west bound freight stop at Lewistown to exchange a block of cars. There is one dedicated freight from Altoona that brings an entire train into Lewistown and takes another back.

Tower Operations

LEWIS tower commands a full four-track interlocking at the end of the “upper yard” at Lewistown Junction. An additional set of crossovers in front of the Lewistown station is remoted to the tower. LEWIS talks to WALL tower to the east and JACKS tower to the west. The tower operator controls all signals and switches in the interlocking and maintains the tower sheet.

The operator is also responsible for providing clearance for the use of the Lewistown Secondary and the Milroy Secondary. Passenger traffic ceased on these lines in 1941, allowing them to be downrated from branches to secondaries. Clearances on secondaries is very informal and does not require paperwork; verbal authority is sufficient.

The PRR Lewistown Secondary

lewistown sec 130521The Lewistown Secondary begins at the “upper yard” by the main line. From there, yard crews pick up and drop off interchange traffic for the branch. The Lewistown Junction yard has 19 classification and advance tracks, car shops, MoW stores, and a locomotive facility.

The locomotive facility is larger than one would expect. With a 110 foot turntable, this shop maintained “stand by” power for the main line; typically in the form of M1 Mountains.

The yard prepares an east and west local for the main line each day, plus a dedicated train to the stone quarry at the end of the Milroy Secondary. The yard generates locals for the secondaries on an as-needed basis, and exchanges inbounds and outbounds with a downtown yard.

The downtown yard features numerous online customers, typically in the form of warehouses, a freight terminal, and a passenger station which is no longer in service. A connection to the Furnace Branch Siding leads to a dozen or so online customers, several being fuel dealers.

Beyond the downtown yard the Lewistown Secondary terminates and the Milroy Secondary and the Sunbury & Lewistown Secondary begins.

The PRR Milroy Secondary

milroy sec 130521The Milroy Secondary is an 11 mile single track run with numerous passing sidings. Originally a “branch”, passenger service ceased in 1941 and the branch was redesignated a secondary. As such, permission to operate is informal and does not require paperwork. Crews communicate with LEWIS tower for permission to run.

Upon entering the branch, while still in Lewistown, the line serves several oil dealers and a creamery, followed by a feed mill.

A mile or so later the line enters Burnham, Pa., where there is a sand quarry, freight station, and Kovalchik Salvage. After crossing the Kish Creek the line enters Yeagertown, Pa., home of Standard Steel. “The Standard” features several sidings for interchange plus a maze of internal trackage. The branch widens here to three tracks to allow numerous runaround operations. There are also two sidings for Yeager’s Mill, which is now in the building products business.

The line then enters Mann’s Narrows. Very steep mountains provide a backdrop for the right-of-way as it snakes along the cascading Kish Creek, a popular trout stream.

Next up is Reedsville, Pa., with a wye interchange with the defunct Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad. There is a runaround track, freight station, and team track. The line then passes through a scenic area, crossing Honey Creek several times.

Naginey, Pa., is the site of a Bethlehem Steel limestone quarry. This hole in the ground yeilds a train load of limestone on a daily basis bound for Johnstown, Pa., to the west. The quarry also ships to other customers.

The end of the line is its namesake, Milroy, Pa. There is a mill here, along with a freight station and a few other interests yet to be researched.

PRR Eastern Region DrawingComp

IMG 4103

Movement of Trains

Following the Sequence of Trains sheet, the LEWIS operator controls movements through the WALL, LEWIS, and JACKS interlockings via a JMRI-based US&S CTC machine, setting routes and signals as appropriate. 

The LEWIS operator maintains telephone communication with the Lewistown Junction yard, coordinating moves between the yard and the main line. 

The LEWIS operator maintains telephone communication with crews on the Lewistown Secondary, Milroy Secondary, and the Selinsgrove Secondary. Movement of trains on these tracks is at restricted speed and is permitted at the discretion of the LEWIS operator. 

Control Disciplines

The LEWIS operator leverages two control disciplines during the course of their duties. 

The discipline governing the main line is “Centralized Traffic Control” ("CTC"; also called “Train Control System” or “TCS”). This means that signals protecting the block by default show “stop”. If the block is safe to enter (meaning that it is unoccupied and there are no turnouts aligned against traffic entering the block from the end a signal is on and the dispatcher has not granted local switching or taken the block out of service) and the dispatcher sets a signal, then one signal will go “non-stop”. All other signals protecting the block remain “stop” because the dispatcher is allowing a train to move through the block in one direction only.

The discipline governing the secondary lines is “Direct Train Control” ("DTC"). This is actually a misnomer because the prototype uses DTC without signals. This selection can eliminate some paperwork on sections of layouts without visible signals. Often the dispatcher will directly control trains by telling the train crew between which points on the layout the train is authorized to operate within. For example, “Train 100, you are cleared from station A to station B”. If the track from station A to station B is defined with multiple blocks and defined to use DTC, the blocks behave like CTC – the dispatcher reserves the route from A to B. However, unlike CTC, the blocks do not return to “idle”. This is to remind the dispatcher that those blocks cannot be given to another train until they have been taken away from the train they were granted to.

Thus, the largest difference in “Control discipline” is how much control the dispatcher has over signals. With CTC and DTC, no signal is “non-stop” without the dispatcher doing something. With ABS or APB, the signals set themselves in response to the trains.

Traffic Control Instructions


The Central Pennsylvania Railroad

The Central Pennsylvania Railroad (CPRR) was created by Bob Martin in 1973. The concept of the CPRR is that it is a privately owned railroad located in Central Pennsylvania with very close ties with the PRR. So close that the CPRR logo is the PRR keystone and the CPRR uses PRR locomotives and other equipment and the PRR has unreimbursable track rights on the CPRR.

The CPRR has entered into an operating agreement with the Western Maryland Railway and uses several pieces of WM equipment.

The CPRR generates and receives a considerable amount of freight traffic, operates local passenger train service, and is a bridge route for freight and passenger and freight traffic.

Sadly, Bob passed away. Through his estate auction and other efforts, the "Penn Family Lines" lives on...

schematicCPRR schematic before the expansion into SHOP (under the garage). CPRR Last SchematicNear final schematic, after the SHOP expansion.
IMG 0785 IMG 1061
IMG 1232 IMG 0795


IMG 1221 IMG 1222
IMG 1223 IMG 1225
100 4883 100 4881
IMG 1227 Picture 103
Picture 105  

Trone Engine Terminal:

Trone Eng Term Scott Dunlap Oct 2010
engine house Picture 107
IMG 0594  


coal load
coal yard IMG 1230
Picture 080  


Picture 075
Picture 077 IMG 0603
IMG 0602  






July 21 2013 424 1
July 21 2013 425 1 July 21 2013 426 1
Eric Massey 122913 2
Madaxonk Nov 2015 Shop Mooney hybrid 5 Copy Madaxonk Nov 2015 Shop Mooney hybrid 1 Copy

Upper St. Joe:

100 4588

St. Joe:

Eric Massey 122913 1
IMG 1240 IMG 0587
IMG 0590  


DSCN1454Oops, someone didn't normalize the switch at Davidsburg!


DSCN0348 DSCN0351

Furnace Mountain:

IMG 1236
IMG 1238 IMG 1239


Jan 2014 36
Potter quarry by Mary Ellen Sierhuis Jan 2012 1 1 Crusher and Quarry
pict0001 pict0035


IMG 1226 IMG 1234
IMG 1235  

KNAT Yard:



IMG 1803
IMG 1802 July 21 2013 533


Locomotive Roster
 Num  Model Successor Assignment
 25  2-8-0 Consoidation D. Trone
 26  Gas Electric J. Mooney
 27   2-8-0 Consoidation D. Trone
 28  2-8-0 Consoidation D. Trone
37 EMD E7A C. Kadyk
 51  Alco S2 W. Francesco
52  Alco S1  
53  EMD SW9 D. Trone
54  EMD SW7  
57  EMD SW9 D. Trone
70 EMD GP9 D. Rohrbaugh
71  EMD GP7  
071  EMD GP7 M. Markle
72  EMD GP7  
73  EMD GP7  
073  EMD GP7 M. Markle
74  EMD GP7  
75  EMD GP7  
075  EMD GP9 White Rose Hobbies (dummy)
76  EMD GP7 M. Kaiser
77  EMD GP30  
78  EMD GP7 W. Francesco
078  EMD GP9 White Rose Hobbies (dummy)
79 EMD GP9 D. Rohrbaugh
 85  Alco RS-1 D. Trone
87  Alco RS-11 D. Trone
88  Alco RS-3  
89  Alco RS-3  
89  EMD F7A  
90  EMD F7A D. Trone
91  EMD F3A J. McConkey
91B  EMD F3B J. McConkey
92  EMD F7A T. King
93  EMD F7A T. King
94  EMD F7A  
95  EMD F7B  
99  EMD F3A  
99  EMD F7A  
99B  EMD F3B  
199  EMD F3A J. Britton
199B  EMD F3B J. Britton
2196  EMD GP30 C. Potter
2671 EMD ????? D. Trone
8638  EMD SW7 C. Kadyk

To come

The South Penn Railroad (SPN) was created by Dave Rohrbaugh and is located in West York, Pa.

 South Penn Railroad Condensed Roster
 60 series  Diesel, Switchers
 7100 series  Diesel, Road Switchers
 100 series NM Caboose
 1-4  RS Reefers, "Izzie's Diner"
 200 series  RS Reefers
 300 series  LO Hoppers, Covered
 2300 series  XM Box Cars

Photo Tour


Engine terminal.

IMG 2577


Shiloh is home to the main classification yard on the South Penn.

IMG 3395
IMG 3392 IMG 2486
IMG 2578  

Mt. Royal Coal Company


Stoney Run



IMG 2579

East Berlin



IMG 3394

Maple Grove

IMG 3393
IMG 2483 IMG 2485
IMG 2484  

East Hanover

IMG 3389



West Hanover

IMG 3390
IMG 2581 IMG 2487
IMG 2580 IMG 2571
IMG 2572 IMG 2573
IMG 2574 IMG 2575
IMG 2576  


The Mechanical Department of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Middle Division, seeks vendors to develop the following motive power and rolling stock:

Builder Description  PRR Class  Notes  Most Likely Manufacturer 
 0-6-0 Switcher  B6sb    
 2-8-0 Consolidation  H9s (3)    Broadway Limited Imports
 4-8-2 Mountain  M1 (4)    Broadway Limited Imports
 Alco PA1/PB1  AP20  DGLE five stripe  
 Alco RS-1  AS10m/AS10ams
 Alco RS-3 Phase I  AS16m    Bowser
 Alco RS-3 Phase I  
 AS16m    Bowser
 Alco RSD-5  AS16a    
 Alco RSD-7  APS24ms    
 Baldwin VO-660  BS6    Bowser
 Baldwin DS 4-4-600  BS6a    
 Baldwin DS 4-4-750  BS7/BS7m    
 Baldwin DRS 4-4-1000  BS10as    
 Baldwin RT-624  BS24/BS24m    
 EMD F3 A-B  EF15  Small numberboards,  
 Phase II Late features
 EMD F3 A-B  EF15  Small numberboards,
 Phase III features
 EMD F3 A-B  EF15  Small numberboards,
 Phase IV features
 EMD SW/SW1  ES6  As Delivered scheme  Walthers Proto
 EMD SW9  ES12/ES12m    
 EMD GP7  ES15m  Dynamic brakes  Athearn Genesis
 EMD GP9  EFS17m (2)    Athearn Genesis
 FM H12-44  FS12/FS12m    
 FM H20-44  FS20/FS20m    
 BLH T2500  LS25/LS25m    
 ACF Baggage Dorm  BD85    
 Altoona Coach Rebuild  P70GS (1)    
 Altoona Coach Rebuild  P70K (4)    
 Coach Baggage  PLB85 (1)    
 Altoona Cafe Coach  D78ED    
 Budd Diner  D85A    
 Pullman "Presidents" Sleeper  POS211 (1)  Plan 4134,
 2 DR-1 Cmpt-1 DBR
 Walthers - Very minor mod
 to existing VIEW car.
 Box Car  X40 (1)
 X40A (1)
 X40B (1)
 X40C (1)
   Funaro & Camerlengo 
 Box Car  X41 (1)
 X41A (1)
 X41B (1)
 X41C (1)
   Funaro & Camerlengo
 Flat Car  F30D (6+)  Equipped for
 TrucTrain service.
 In the works!  ;-)
 Gondola  G31 (5)
 G31A (10)
 G31C (1)
 G31D (2)
 G31E (1)
   Funaro & Camerlengo
 or Tangent Scale Models
 Gondola  G34 (4)    Funaro & Camerlengo 
 Gondola  G35 (6)    Funaro & Camerlengo 
 Gondola  G27 (4)    Funaro & Camerlengo

"The Penn Family Lines" is a consortium of model railroads created by Robert Martin (deceased). Participation in The Penn Family Lines is open to any regular operator from Bob's Central Pennsylvania Railroad (CPRR) whose roadname contains "Pennsylvania".



The Central Pennsylvania Railroad

The Central Pennsylvania Railroad (CPRR) was created by Bob Martin in 1973. The concept of the CPRR is that it is a privately owned railroad located in Central Pennsylvania with very close ties with the PRR. So close that the CPRR logo is the PRR keystone and the CPRR uses PRR locomotives and other equipment and the PRR has unreimbursable track rights on the CPRR.



The South Penn Railroad

The South Penn Railroad (SPN) was created by Dave Rohrbaugh and is located in West York, Pa.


IMG 2510

The West Penn Railroad

The West Penn Railroad was created by Dave Trone and is located nesr Hanover, Pa.


The Pennsylvania Midland Railroad

The Pennsylvania Midland Railroad (PMRR) was created by Jerry Britton and is located in Etters, Pa.


The Pennsylvania & New England Railroad

The Pennsylvania & New England Railroad was created by Charles Kadyk.

car shop

The following projects are underway in the shops of the Middle Division:

6 N8 Cabin Car Bowser
1 Pullman HW 12-1 Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
3 Pullman 6-3 Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
1 D78D Diner Bachmann (kitbash)
1 HW 3-1-Sol CANYON Solarium Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
2 X26 Box Car Funaro & Camerlengo
5 X26C Box Car Funaro & Camerlengo
2 F22 Flat Car Funaro & Camerlengo
2 F23 Flat Car Funaro & Camerlengo
13 B60B Baggage Car Walthers (letter)
2 PS6LB FALLS Lounge Sleeper Walthers (kitbash)
1 PS2LS HARBOR Lounge Sleeper Walthers (detail)
1 HW 8-1-2 CENTFAUN Sleeper Branchline


The following projects are pending scheduling in the shops of the Middle Division:

5 FM Flat Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 F25 Flat Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 F28 Flat Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 F29 Flat Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 F33 Flat Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 F34 Flat Car Funaro & Camerlengo
14 G22 Gondola Westerfield
1 G22A Gondola Westerfield
1 G22B Gondola Westerfield
8 G28 Gondola Funaro & Camerlengo
3 G29 Gondola Funaro & Camerlengo
2 GLCA Hopper Westerfield
11 GLCA Hopper Funaro & Camerlengo
1 GLE Hopper Funaro & Camerlengo
4 GR Gondola Funaro & Camerlengo
7 GRA Gondola Westerfield
4 GRA Gondola MoW Westerfield
8 GPA Hopper MoW Funaro & Camerlengo
10 H25 Hopper Funaro & Camerlengo
2 H30A Hopper Funaro & Camerlengo
3 H32 Hopper Funaro & Camerlengo
1 H33 Hopper Funaro & Camerlengo
1 ND Cabin Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 NDA Cabin Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 NX23 Riding Car MoW Westerfield
6 N5 / N5B Cabin Car Bowser
3 N5C Cabin Car Bowser
1 TM8 Tank Car Funaro & Camerlengo
9 XL "Camp" Box Car MoW Westerfield
1 X23 Box Car Westerfield
2 X23 Box Car MoW Westerfield
1 X25A Box Car Westerfield
5 X28A Box Car Funaro & Camerlengo
6 X29B Box Car Funaro & Camerlengo
4 X29D Box Car WrightTRAK
1 X37 Box Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 X37A Box Car Funaro & Camerlengo
6 X37B Box Car Funaro & Camerlengo
2 X38 Box Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 W150B Derrick Tichy
2 B60 Baggage Car Bethlehem Car Works
1 B60A Baggage Car Bethlehem Car Works
1 B70 Scenery Car Bethlehem Car Works
2 B74 Horse Car Bethlehem Car Works
1 BM70K Baggage Mail Car Bethlehem Car Works
4 BM70M Baggage Mail Car Walthers (letter)
1 D78ED Coffee Shop Tavern Bachmann (kitbash)
1 D78F Diner Bachmann (kitbash)
1 D85AD Diner SOHO
2 D85C Diner Walthers (letter)
2 D85D Kitchen Dorm Walthers (letter)
1 M70B Mail Car Bethlehem Car Works
2 PB70 Combine Bachmann (kitbash)
1 POS21 Observation Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
1 POS211 Observation Sleeper Walthers (kitbash)
2 PS106 EAGLE Sleeper Hallmark (letter, detail)
4 PS106A RAPIDS Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
5 PS124 CREEK Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
1 PS125A BROOK Sleeper Rivarossi (letter, detail)
1 PS13L COLONIAL Lounge Sleeper Walthers (kitbash)
1 PS21A INN Sleeper Walthers (kitbash)
9 PS21B INN Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
5 PS442 IMPERIAL Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
4 R50B Express Reefer Walthers (letter, detail)
2 HW 12-1 Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
1 HW 28-1 Parlor Walthers (letter, detail)
1 HW 6-6- POPLAR Sleeper Bethlehem Car Works
1 HW 8-1-3 TOWER Sleeper Bethlehem Car Works
1 ATSF 4-4-2 Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
2 JESX Coach Walthers
4 JESX Sleeper Walthers
1 MP 10-6 EAGLE Sleeper Hallmark (letter, detail)
1 N&W 10-6 COUNTY Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
1 N&W B60B Baggage Car Walthers
1 NYC 10-6 RIVER Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
1 SP 10-6 Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
1 T&P 14-4 Sleeper Hallmark (letter, detail)
1 UP 10-6 PACIFIC Sleeper Walthers (letter, detail)
8 BRCX BW-1 Hopper Funaro & Camerlengo
2 BRCX GL Hopper Funaro & Camerlengo
1 BRCX GLCA Hopper Westerfield
3 H&BTM HT Hopper Westerfield
4 H&BTM G22 Gondola Westerfield
1 H&BTM NDA Caboose Funaro & Camerlengo
1 JLSX Coal Tar Tank Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 KTX Publicker Tank Car Tichy
1 PM Transfer Caboose BlueFord Shops
1 RDG XM Box Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 RDG XMV Box Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 TVCX Flat Car Funaro & Camerlengo
1 H&BTM 2-8-0 Consolidation Broadway Limited (letter)
1 PM Alco FA-2 Life Like Proto 2000
1 PM Alco FB-2 Life Like Proto 2000
3 PM Alco S-2 Atlas (DCC, sound)
2 WPRR EMD F3A Stewart Hobbies

pm header

Series Represented Type Prototype Notes Model Notes
Diesel Switchers
50-69 series 50, 51, 54   Alco S-2   Atlas
Diesel Road Switchers
70-79 series TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD  Alco RS-3    Atlas
80-89 series TBD, TBD  Alco RSD-5    Atlas
Diesel Cab Units
90-99 series TBD Alco FA2   Proto
TBD Alco FB2   Proto
TBD Alco PA1   Proto
TBD Alco PA2   Proto


1000-1099 series    GB Gondola   AccuRail 3700 Series AAR 41' Steel Gondola
2000-2099 series 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021  HM Hopper, Steel,
50 ton
  AccuRail 2597 USRA Coal Hopper
2100-2199 series    HT Hopper, Steel,
70 ton
  AccuRail 7597 70-Ton Offset Side Triple Hopper
1830, 1862, 1898 HT Hopper, Steel,
70 ton

10, leased from Virginian & Ohio1

AccuRail 7500 Series 70-Ton Offset Side Triple Hopper
39587, 39624, 39639, 39763 HT Hopper, Steel,
70 ton
20, leased from Allegheny Midland1 AccuRail 7500 Series 70-Ton Offset Side Triple Hopper
3000-3099 series   XM Box Car   AccuRail 3500 Series 40' Single Door Steel Boxcar


100-199 series TBD Rail Motor Car   Bachmann Spectrum
TBD Trailer Car   Bachmann Spectrum


1 TBD Business Car   Bachmann Spectrum
200-209 series 201, 202,
203, 205
NE Caboose   Atlas
X300-X399 series TBD Maintenance of Way    

1 Hoppers leased pending arrival of new hoppers. Not for interchange.



Series Represented Type Prototype Notes Model Notes
 Steam Locomotives
20-23   2-8-0 Consolidation   #20, Ex-PRR class H9s No. 3485;
#21, Ex-PRR class H9s No. 1691;
#23, Ex-PRR class H9s No. 444
Diesel Switchers
5323   EMD SW9     


50   Box    


3   Combine    
4   Coach    
7   Combine    
15   Combine    
100   Gas Powered Coach     


100   Plow  Russell Snow Plow  
100-103   NE Caboose  #102, Ex-Army staff car  
    Evans Autorailer     


Huntingdon Broad Top Mountain Railroad Stock Cert

Series Represented Type Prototype Notes Model Notes
 Steam Locomotives
31-40  TBD

2-8-0 Consolidation

  Broadway Limited Imports


3753-3808 TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD GB Gondola, Steel,
46', 70 ton
202   HM Gondola, Steel,
50 ton
3253-3743  TBD, TBD, TBD HM Hopper, Steel,
30', 50 ton


14   Miner's Coach    
27   Coach    
5436   RPO  Ex-PRR class MBM62 #5436  
    Baggage  Ex-PRR class B60b Walthers


2   Wrecking Crane    
15-17  TBD NE Caboose  Ex-PRR class ND Funaro & Camerlengo
X20   Idler Flat    


An exploration of the glory days of transporting the POTUS (President of the United States) by rail. Discussion includes the Ferdinand Magellan, an armored rail car modified just for the task. A deep dive will focus on one specific trip over the Pennsylvania and the Bellefonte Central railroads.

Presented at the PRRT&HS Northern Central Chapter meeting on September 8th 2019 and live streamed for the NMRA Virtual Model Railroad Convention on May 30th 2020.


A look at the pair of dual track main lines that ran from Wago Junction, Pa., to BANKS tower at Marysville, Pa,

Presented at the PRRT&HS Northern Central Chapter meeting in April 2012 and the PRRT&HS Annual Meeting in May 2012.

In The Works...


A presentation of the history and infrastructure of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Middle Division at Lewistown, Pa., its yard there, and the Lewistown Secondary heading east from there. Discussion will include the speaker's modeling based on available information on the prototype.


A presentation of the history and infrastructure of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Milroy Secondary out of Lewistown, Pa.. Discussion will include the speaker's modeling based on available information on the prototype.

  pm header 

MP      MP NAME  
0.0 PM      Cumberland MD  Interchange Western Maryland Railway
 Interchange Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
12.4   Flintstone  ships: limestone, lime, cement
 rec: coal, sand
    Maryland/Pennsylvania State Line
    Black Valley Gap  ships: limestone or clay
    Sweet Root Gap  ships: limestone or clay
    Rainsburg Gap  ships: limestone or clay
    Clear Creek  ships: ag products
    Indian Springs  
    Black Valley Yard  
38.5     Everett Terminal  Interchange Pennsylvania Railroad
 Interchange The Penn Family Lines 
 rec: coal, clay, oil, paper, public track, lcl freight
 ships: firebrick, lumber, books, public track, lcl freight
H&BTM  43.0
40.6  40.9 Summit Siding  ships: sand
41.0  40.5 Tatesville  
43.4  38.1 Brallier  
43.9  37.6 Brallier Siding  
45.3  36.2 Cypher  
46.2  35.3 Cypher Siding  
49.7  31.8 Jct. Sandy Run Branch  
50.0  31.5 Hopewell  
52.1  29.4 Riddlesburg  ships: coal, coke, pig iron 
52.2  29.3 Jct. Six Mile Run Branch  
52.8  28.7 Riddlesburg Siding  
56.3  25.2 Saxton – South End Yard  
57.1  24.4 Jct. Shoups Branch  
57.4  24.1 Saxton  rec: coal, lumber, mdse, lcl
57.7  23.8 Saxton – North End Yard  
61.1  20.4 Fishers Siding  
61.5  20.0 Cove  
63.8  17.7 Hummel  
66.0  15.5 Seventeen Siding  
67.0  14.5 Entriken  
70.3  11.2 Marklesburg Siding  
70.4  11.1 Marklesburg  ships: iron ore 
73.0  9.5 Brumbaugh  ships: clay products 
74.5  7.0 Hesston  ships: iron ore 
76.7  4.8 Jct. McConnellstown Branch  
77.1  4.4 McConnellstown  
80.8  0.7 Long Siding Yard  
81.5  0.0  Huntingdon  Interchange Pennsylvania Railroad
 rec: coal, lcl freight, oil
BCR  48.3
97.9  31.9 McAlevy's Fort  
100.0  31.8 Jct. Inter-Mountain Branch  
107.3  22.5 Pine Grove Mills  
110.8  19.0 Struble (State College)  ships: lcl freight
 rec: coal, lumber, mdse, lcl freight
112.6  17.2 Krumrine  
114.8  14.3 Mattern  
116.3  13.5 Graysdale  
118.8  11.0 Waddles  
120.8  9.0 Briarly  
122.3  7.5 Fillmore  
123.8  6.0 Hunters  
124.8  5.0 Whitmer  
126.8  3.0 Morris  
127.8  2.0 Coleville  rec: coal
129.8  0.0  Bellefonte  Interchange Pennsylvania Railroad
131.9  2.1 Milesburg  
141.5  11.7 Howard  
148.1   18.3  Beech Creek  Interchange New York Central Railroad
 Interchange Reading Company
    Mill Hall  ships: limestone, sand
    Lock Haven  
    Jersey Shore  
    Newberry Yard (Newberry)  
  H&BTM  36.3 Run-around  
   34.4 Sandy Run  ships: coal 
   32.7 Jct. Longs Run Branch  
   20.3 Jct. Main Line  
   H&BTM  35.2 End of branch  
   35.0 Kearney  ships: coal 
   32.8 Langdondale  ships: coal 
   32.7 Jct. Sandy Run Branch  
   H&BTM  32.9 End of branch  
   32.8 Jct. Shreeves Run Branch  
   32.4 Bacon Siding  
   31.7 Rommell  ships: coal 
   30.8 Defiance  ships: coal
   29.3 Jct. Main Line  
   H&BTM  34.1 End of branch  
   32.7 Jct. Six Mile Run Branch  
   H&BTM  33.4 Broad Top City  ships: coal 
   29.4 Dudley  ships: coal 
   28.0 Jct. Millers Run Branch  
   27.6 Jct. Coalmont Branch  
   27.1 Coalmont  ships: coal
   29.3 Jct. Main Line  
   H&BTM  29.8  End of branch  
   29.6  Hickory Hill  ships: coal 
   27.6  Jct. Shoups Branch  
   H&BTM  29.5 End of branch  
   29.1 Heilner  ships: coal 
   27.6 Jct. Shoups Branch  
INTER-MOUNTAIN BRANCH (trackage rights)
  KV   McAlevy's Fort  
    Jct. Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad  
  KV   Belleville  
    Cold Water  
    Union Mills  
    Mount Hope  
    Cedar Hill  
    Jct. Inter-Mountain Branch  
    Lumber City  
    KV Junction Interchange Pennsylvania Railroad