The following is The Midland Route superimposed on a 2017 topographic map and showing relevant neighboring lines.

PM System Map

October 28, 1893 -- Bedford & Blair County Railroad incorporated in Pa. as a reorganization of Pennsylvania & West Virginia Railroad; Harry Cessna, Pres.

April 27, 1894 -- Brooks Mills & Altoona Railroad, Somerset & Bedford Railroad (Osterburg-Ashtola), and Manns Choice & Hyndman Railroad all incorporated in Pa.; are to form a line across the southern part of the state between the B&O's Pittsburgh line passing south of Altoona.

May 1894 -- Bedford & Blair County Railroad contracts for construction between Cessna and Brooks Mills via Osterburg.

June 1894 -- Pennsylvania Midland Railroad is under construction between Cessna and Imler, Pa.

July 2, 1894 -- Brooks Mills & Altoona Railroad, Bedford & Somerset Railroad, Bedford & Blair County Railroad, and Manns Choice & Hyndman Railroad merge to form Pennsylvania Midland Railroad under agreement of June 9, 1894; George B. Orlady, Pres.; Theodore Gerrish is major stockholder; is to run Hyndman to Altoona with branches to Ashtola, the Cessna ore mines, and Bedford.

July 1894 -- Pennsylvania Midland Railroad is under construction near Bedford County line and at Snowdens Gap in Allegheny Mountain.

August 28, 1894 -- Pennsylvania Midland begins track-laying at Cessna.

December 31, 1894 -- Contractors give up contract for building Pennsylvania Midland Railroad; 20 miles graded and 7 miles of track laid between Cessna and Brooks Mills.

Jan. 1895 -- PRR has completed a survey from Lovett to Scalp Level and back to the South Fork Branch at Dunlo to preempt the route of the Pennsylvania Midland Railroad.

May 28, 1895 -- Pennsylvania Midland Railroad resumes engineering work at Osterburg.

June 7, 1895 -- Pennsylvania Midland Railroad resumes work on the section between Bedford and McKee’s Gap.

July 1895 -- Pennsylvania Midland Railroad resumes track laying between Ashtola and Osterburg.

Oct. 1895 -- Pennsylvania Midland Railroad again suspends work in Bedford, Blair and Somerset Counties.

Oct. 1895 -- Pennsylvania Midland Railroad enters receivership; contractor J.W. Rutherford of New York appointed receiver, and work stops.

Sep. 25, 1902 -- Unfinished Pennsylvania Midland Railroad sold at foreclosure to John M. Reynolds.

Nov. 10, 1902 -- Bedford & Hollidaysburg Railroad incorporated in Pa. as reorganization of Pennsylvania Midland Railroad. This eventually becomes the PRR's Bedford Branch/Bedford Secondary.

The Operating Department is responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of our customer’s freight.

Our Operating professionals carry on a full range of tasks to accomplish our mission: from scheduling trains, optimizing movement and distribution of loaded and empty freight cars, and protecting perishable freight in winter and summer, to running the trains, distributing motive power, and conducting crew training and continuing education.

The Middle Division, under direction of its Superintendent and sub-division supervisors, is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the railroad. The Division has a staff of dispatchers, tower operators, yardmasters, road foremen, station agents, and operating personnel: engineers, firemen, conductors, brakemen and switchmen.

All of our personnel are professionals whose mission is customer satisfaction.

The Engineering Department is composed of the Maintenance Of Way, Signals and Communications, Bridges and Buildings, and Planning and Design departments, and is responsible for the construction and maintenance of track, roadbed, bridges, buildings, tunnels and retaining structures, signals, dispatching facilities, and line pole and radio communications.

Employee Relations is responsible for training and safety of our employees.

Prospective employees are reminded that on-boarding requires permission of the superintendent or sub-division supervisor and is by invitation only. Please do not show up on premises without making proper arrangements.

The Mechanical Department is responsible for the Middle Division’s motive power and rolling stock. We fuel and sand locomotives, inspect and maintain locomotive and car safety appliances, and perform both routine and heavy maintenance on locomotives and freight cars. Our carmen, mechanics, and machinists take pride in ensuring that both Middle Division and visiting foreign equipment is in top-notch condition and available when needed.