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Heritage: Mifflin & Centre County Railroad

CT 1000, 1945: Eastern Region, Eastern Pennsylvania Division, Middle Division

Middle Division ETT, 1954: Eastern Region, Middle Division, Lewistown Secondary


During the 1870s, shops were built at Lewistown Junction. There was a frame enginehouse with four stalls and a 50' turntable. (The turntable would later be upgrade to __' and again to 110'.)

In 1886, a new enginehouse was constructed, but it was consumed by fire in 1887. It's replacement was built by 1889 and was believed to have 12 stalls. By 1917 it had been reduced to six stalls and by 1928 it was down to three stalls. It remained in service until consumed by fire in 1967 or 1970.


1923 Sanborn Maps

sb lewistown 1923 1 sb lewistown 1923 15 sb lewistown 1923 16
sb lewistown 1923 17 sb lewistown 1923 18  


Distance from Main Line...

0.0 Shops

Listed in the PRR 1923 and 1945 CT1000's.

Turntable in 1956:1956 turntable IMG 2796 
IMG 2792 IMG 2794
Machine shop:
machine shop
Sand house:
sand house 
IMG 2795 Master Mechanics office:master mech office 

Yard office in 1970:

1970 yard office2 

 Yard office in 1970:1970 yard office
Brakeman's building:brakemans bldg Bunk house in 1956:1956 bunk house 
New ice house:
new ice house
MoW Bunk House:
mow bunk houses
Old ice house:
old ice house

Oil house:
oil house 

 Car Inspector's building #1:car inspector bldg 1 Car Inspector's building #2:car inspector bldg 2 
 Car Inspector's building #3:car inspector bldg 3  
Carpenter's Shop, Storehouse:carpenters storehouse Carpenter's Shop, Foreman's Office:foreman office carpenter shop


Photos from a presentation given at a PRRT&HS annual meeting:

1964 car shop 1965 car repair track 1965 engine house foreman office
1965 engine house 1970 engine house fire  1970 engine house fire2
1970 engine house fire3    


0.0 American Viscose Corp.

American Viscose manufactured rayon fiber (primarily for rayon-belted automobile tires), polyester and Avistrap.

Shown on the 1910 and 1928 Sanborn maps.

Listed in the PRR 1923 and 1945 CT1000's.

Page 90 of Triumph IVoffers an excellent 1950 aerial photograph. The plant closed in 1972 following hurricane Agnes.

Pennsylvania Railroad Color Pictorial 3, p. 63, shows a BS12 shifting coal cars in/out of the plant in 1965... indicating the plant was busy enough to warrant two switches a day.

Penn Pilot offers a 1957 aerial view which provides a decent footprint for the plant, including substantial piles of coal reserves at the west end of the plant.

Rich Orr noted on the PRR Modeling list in 2008...

X29b equipped for rayon spools 29685, 27208, 27656, 27761, 27994, 28092, 28137, 28181, 28278, 28374, 28460-28469, 28491, 28580, 29465, 29834, 29848, 30042, 30065, 30097, 30268, 30436, 30442, 30638, 30783,

X37a equipped for rayon spools  66549.


   1928 Sanborn map, corrected to 1948:
IMG 1626
pc viscose viscose2
viscose2 copy viscose copy
viscose aerial   Viscose from Lewistown
viscose from hill2 viscosea
viscose late  One of 18 X37B box cars assigned to the Viscose plant:
X37b lewistown

American Viscose 44 ton locomotive:

av 44ton

 A switcher working the plant in 1972:1972_viscose.jpg


0.2 Station

This references the back side of the main line station.

During the 1950s, the west end of the passenger station was reconfigured for less-than-carload (LCL) freight handling.

Shown on the 1910 and 1928 Sanborn maps.

Listed in the PRR 1923 and 1945 CT1000's.

Penn Pilot offers a 1957 aerial photo which clearly shows the LCL track to the back of the station.

"Merchandise Service" X40B LCL box car on the north side of the station, 1956:1956 lcl north LCL delivery trucks at the dock on the west side of the station, 1956:
1956 lcl west
1938 excursion on the Lewistown Branch:1938 excursion at lewistown  


0.2 Scales

Shown on the 1910 and 1928 Sanborn maps.

Listed in the PRR 1923 and 1945 CT1000's.

1928 Sanborn map, corrected to 1948:
IMG 1625
Scale House, 1956:scale house Scale House, 1956:
1956 scale house
Circa 1981-82:
Lewistown scale 1981 2
Circa 1981-82:
Lewistown scale 1981


H. J. Stannert Sand Co.

Sand quarry along the south shore of the Juniata River.

Listed in the PRR 1923 CT1000. Not in the 1945 CT1000.