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299x132 2D F8


Interpretation of Truck Classification
SymbolRefers to
First Number of axles per truck
Second A.A.R. Class letter for journal dia. only (see below)
Third Dash-for standard A.A.R. axle
number-for numerical deviation from A.A.R. standard
Fourth Service of truck. F=Freight, P=Passenger, T=Tender
Fifth Consecutive design of truck for class
Sixth Modification to truck design
Journal size (in.) 3-3/4x7 4-1/4x8 5x9 5-1/2x10 6x11 6-1/2x12
Capy. per axle 15000 24000 32000 40000 50000 60000





PRR DesignationManufacturer DesignationModel ManufacturerClasses Used On
2A-F1 Diamond Freight Truck (Elliptical Springs)   NDa, N4, N5
2A-F2     NDa, N5
2A-F3     N5, N5a, N5d
2A-F4 Barrett-Whitehead   N5, N5b
2A-F5 Barrett-Whitehead Bowser #74013 NDa, N5, N5b, N5c
2C-F1 Diamond Frt. Truck (metal spring plank)   FL, F24, XLh
2D1F1 Diamond freight truck    
2D-F1 Arch Bar / Diamond Freight Truck (metal spring plank) Kadee #501 or 503
Bowser #74326
Tichy #3002
Walthers #1002, 1010 or 1018
FM, GLa, GLb, GLc, GP, GPa, GR, GRa, GS, GSa, GSc, GSd, GSx, H22, XL, XLa, X23, X24, X25, X25a, X28a, X29
2D-F2 Crown Cast Steel Side Frame Truck (metal spring plank)   FM, GLa, GLb, GLc, GP, GPa, GR, GRa, GS, GSa, GSc, GSd, GSx, H22, XL, XLa, XM, X24, X25, X28a, X29
2D-F3 Freight Truck (USRA) aka Andrews Kadee #509, 510 or 533
Accurail #103
Tichy #3012
Walthers #1004
GLd, G24, X26, X26a, X26c
2D-F3A Freight Truck   GLd, G24, X26, X26a, X26c
2D-F4 Freight Truck   X23, X28a, Express X29
2D-F4A Freight Truck   X23, X28a
2D-F5 Diamond Freight Truck   F21
2D-F6 Freight Truck    
2D-F7 Freight Truck (Keisel)   Express X29
2D-F8 Freight Truck

Bowser #74277 or 74286
Red Caboose #5009
Kadee #517 or 557
Sunshine Models #TM7
Rail Yard Models

FM, GLa, GLb, GLc, GLe, GLf, GLg, GP, GPa, GR, GRa, GS, GSa, GSc, GSd, K7, K8, H22, XL, XLa, XLc, XM, X23a, X23b, X24, X25, X25a, X25b, X25c, X25d, X28a, X29, X29a, X30
2D-F8 modified Freight Truck   TM8
2D-F8C Freight Truck   Express X29
2D-F9 Freight Truck   FM, TM10
2D-F10 Freight Truck   X29, Express X29, X31a, X35
2D-F12 Freight Truck Bowser #74190
Sunshine Models #TM6
Express X29, X31, X31b, X31c, X31f, X32, X32a, X32b, X32c, X33, X33a, X36
2D-F13 National B?   X29, X31a, X31f
2D-F14 Young   Express X29
2D-F16 [Vulcan?] Double Truss Kadee #515 or 516 X29
2D-F17 Elsey   Express X29, X38
2D-F17A Elsey   H31, X29a, X37, X37b, X38, X38a
2D-F18 Freight Truck    
2D-F19 Freight Truck   Express X29, X37
2D-F19A A.S.F. Ride Control   X41b
2D-F19D Freight Truck   Express X29
2D-F20 National Malleable   X37, X37a, X37b
2D-F21 Young   X37a, X37b, X38, X38a
2D-F21A Young   X29, X37b, X38, X38a
2D-F22 Barrett Whitehead   Express X29, X37b, X38
2D-F22A Barrett Whitehead   X37b, X38, X38a
2D-F22B Barrett Whitehead   X37b, X38
2D-F22C Barrett Whitehead   H31, G29b, H31b, Express X29, X38
2D-F23 Allied Full Cushion   G29b, X32, X37b, X38
2D-F24 Buckeye   X37b, X38
2D-F25 A.S.F. ride control   , X38, X40
2D-F26 A.S.F. A-3 Ride Control Kadee #504 or 553
X40, X40a, X40b, X41, X41a
2D-F26A A.S.F. A-3 Ride Control  Tangent H21a, X40b, X41b, X41c
2D-F28 Freight Truck   Express X29
2D-F29 Symington-Gould, Chrysler design   X41b
2D-F30 Symington-Gould, Type "XL"   X41b
2D-F31 Freight Truck   Express X29
2D-F32 Freight Truck   X42
2E-F1 Diamond Freight Truck    
2E-F1 Diamond Freight Truck modified   F25
2E1F1 Diamond Freight Truck    
2E-F2 Crown Cast Steel Side Frame Truck (metal spring plank) Bowser #74091 FN, F25, G21, G22, G22a, H21a, H21b, H22a, H25, H30
2E-F2A Freight Truck   H21b, H22a, H25, H30, H37
2E-F2B Holland Stablilizer   H37
2E-F2C Freight Truck   G25
2E-F3 Freight Truck (USRA)   G25a
2E-F4 Freight Truck   F30, G26
2E-F4A Freight Truck   G26, H21a, H30
2E-F5 Dalman   H22a, H25
2E-F6 Buckeye   H25
2E-F6A Buckeye   G26
2E-F7 National   G26
2E-F8 Dalman   F31
2E-F9 Freight Truck   F31a
2E-F10 Double Truss Rapido
F30a, F30c, G27, H30
2E-F11 National   G27, H30
2E-F12 Young   G27, H30
2E-F13 Freight Truck (double truss)   F30a, G27
2E-F14 National   G27, H30
2E-F15 Young   G26a, G27, H30
2E-F17 National Malleable   G26a, G27, G28, G29, G30
2E-F18 Young   G28, G29, G29a
2E-F19 Barrett-Whitehead   F37, G26a, G28, G29, G30
2E-F20 Elsey   G28, G29
2E-F21 National Type B-1 Kadee #567 or 568 
Life Like #21254 or 21255
Eastern Car Works #9057
G30, H30
2E-F22 A.S.F. Ride control   H30, H36
2E-F22A A.S.F. Ride Control Type A-3  Tangent H30, H32
2E-F22B A.S.F. Ride Control   G31
2E-F22F A.S.F. Ride Control Type A-3  Tangent H39
2E-F24 Freight Truck   G31
2E-F24C Barber S-2C ride control   F25
2E-F25 National C-1   G33
2E-F25B National C-1 Rapido
F30d TrucTrain
2E-F26 Freight Truck   G32
2E-F27 Freight Truck   G31
2F-F1 Crown cast freight truck   F22, H24
2F-F2 Freight Truck   F23, F34, G22b, H27
2F-F3 Dual Trucks Span Bolster   G22b
2F-F4 Freight Truck   F30, G22b
2F-F5 Barrett-Whitehead   H43
2F-F7 Freight Truck   H43
3E-F1 Freight Truck   G23, H26
3F-F1 Buckeye   F28, F29
3F-F2 Buckeye   F29, F33, F35, F36
3F-F3 Freight Truck   F33, F36
3F-F4 Freight Truck   F38


PRR DesignationManufacturer DesignationModel ManufacturerClasses Used On
2C-P1 Passenger Truck    
2C-P2 PRR Passenger Truck   MP54
2C-P3 PRR Passenger Truck   B60B, MP54T-TC
2C-P6 Passenger Truck    
2C1P1 Passenger Truck    
2C1P2 Passenger Truck    
2D-P1 Passenger Truck   P70
2D-P2 PRR Passenger Truck   B60, P70
2D-P3 PRR Passenger Truck   B60B, P70
2D-P5 Commonwealth Passenger Truck Bethlehem Car Works #127
Walthers #1313
Walthers #932-2211 (olive green)
Walthers #932-2212 (tuscan red)
Walthers #932-2213 (black)
B60, B60A, B60B, P70, P70D, P70E, P70F, P70FA, P70G, P70GS, P70H, P70K, PB70, PLC70, PLC70A, POC70, R50B
2D-P6 Budd Passenger Truck cast by American Steel Foundries   Tubular Train, D82, D82B
2D-P7 Budd Passenger Truck cast by American Steel Foundries   P82
2D-P8 Budd Passenger Truck cast by American Steel Foundries   D82A, D82B, D82C, D85, P82, P82A, P85, P85A, PDB85, POC85
2D-P9 American Steel Foundries Passenger Truck   P70FA
2D-P12 American Steel Foundries Passenger Truck   P70FA
2D-P14 Passenger Truck    
2D-P15 Commonwealth Passenger Truck   D85C, P85B, P85C
2D-P16 GSC Passenger Truck    
2D-P17 GSC Passenger Truck   P85D, P85E
2D-P18 Passenger Truck    
2D3P1 Passenger Truck   B60
2D5P1 Passenger Truck   B60, B60B, P70, P70D, P70F, R60
2D5P2 PRR Passenger Truck   B60, B60A, P70, P70D, PC70, PC70E
2D5P3 PRR Passenger Truck   R50A
2D5P5 Commonwealth C-78370   P70, P76
2D6P1 Passenger Truck   MP54F1, MP54E2, MPB54E1, MPB54BE2, MB62E1, MB62E2, MBM62E1
2D7P2 PRR Passenger Truck cast by Commonwealth   P70F, P70FA, P70G, P70GS, P70K, PLC70, POC70
2D7P3 Passenger Truck   MP54E2, MP54E3, MP54E5
2D8P1 Passenger Truck   MP54E1, MP54E2, MP54E3, MP54E5, MPB54BE3, MP54A1C, MP54D1C, MB62E2
2D8P2 Passenger Truck   MP70
2D11P1 Passenger Truck   MP70A
2D12P1 Passenger Truck   MP54E6
2D13P1 GSC Passenger Truck    
2E-P1 Passenger Truck   D70A, D78D, D78DD, D78F
2E-P2 Passenger Truck   Z62
2E-P5 GSC 41-NP-11 Passenger Truck

Walthers #920-2112 (black)
Walthers #932-2113 (silver)

BD85, BM70NB, D70C, D85A, D85C, D85D, M70B, P70, P70B, P70D, P70FB, P70G, P70GS, P70H, P70K, P85G, PC70, PC70B, PL85, PLB85, PLC85, POC85A
2E-P5B Passenger Truck   D85A, D85C, D85D, PL85, PS21B
2E-P6 GSC Passenger Truck    
2E-P6A GSC Passenger Truck   BM70NB, D70C, M70B, P70, P70F, P70FC, P70G, P70GS, PC70B
2E-P6B Passenger Truck   D78ED, D85AD, D85C, D85ED, DL85D, P85H, POC85B, POC85C, PP85, PP85A
2E-P7 GSC Passenger Truck    
2E-P9 Passenger Truck   P85F
2E-P10 Passenger Truck   SILVER RAPIDS
2E-P11 Passenger Truck   P85H
2E-P12 Passenger Truck   PS124
2E-P13 Passenger Truck   P85H
2E-P14 Passenger Truck   P85H
2E5P5 Passenger Truck   PLC70, POC70, POC70KE
2F-P1 GSC Passenger Truck    
3C-P1 PRR Passenger Truck Bethlehem Car Works #143 B60, B70, B74A, BM70K, BM70KA, BM70M, M70B, PB70, PB70C
3D-P1 PRR Passenger Truck cast by Commonwealth Walthers #932-2209 (Railway Post Office)
Walthers #932-2210 (Diner)
B70, B74B, BM70M, BM70N, D70A, D70AS, D70B, D70C, D70D, D70E, D78, D78A, D78B, M70B, PB70, PB70D, PB70F, PDB70
3D-P2 PRR Passenger Truck cast by Commonwealth   BM70KA, BM70M, BM70N, D78B, PB70, PB70D
3D5P1 PRR Passenger Truck Precision Scale #32319 B70, BM70K, BM70KA, PB70
3D5P2 PRR Passenger Truck Bethlehem Car Works #123
Precision Scale #32320
B60, B60B, B70, B70A, B74A, B74B, BM70K, BM70KA, BM70L, PB70, PB70D
3D5P3 PRR Passenger Truck   B70A, BM70K, BM70KA, PB70, PB70D
3D5P5 Passenger Truck   BM70L
3D7P2 PRR Passenger Truck cast by Commonwealth   BM70M, BM70N, D70A, D78, D78B, D78C, PB70, PB70E, PDB70, PDB70A
242 Pullman   PBU52
242A Pullman Walthers #1085
Branchline #150002
HW 12-1, HW 14SEC, HW 3-2-OBS, PBU52
2410 Pullman   PBU52
2410A Pullman   PBU52
2411 Pullman Walthers #1086
Branchline #150001
HW 8-1-2, PBU52
41-HR GSC 41-HR (Pullman) Walthers #1067 PS6LB, PS442A, PS125, PS105A, PS105, PS13
43-R GSC 43-HR (Pullman)   PS18A, POS21A, POS211A, PS442A, PS125A, PS18, PS13, PS13L, PS5L