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The GLE was a 50-ton covered hopper


Cars on the PRR roster (as listed in the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER)):

Class Car Number AAR Class PRR Oct 44 PRR Oct 48 PRR Apr 52 PRR Oct 53 PRR Oct 58 PRR Oct 63 PRR Apr 68
GLe 253248 253497 LO 250 249 248 219 37 2 1

Roster data compiled by Rich Orr.


Types of trucks used

Class Car Numbers Truck Class Truck Name Qty cars:
GLe     2D-F8 P.R.R.  
Truck data is from PRR documents circa 1940's. Other truck classes may also have been used.



GLe 253252 PRR GLe 253252 34view


The GLE has been produced in brass by Railworks and as a resin kit by Westerfield and Funaro & Camerlengo. Decals are available from Mount Vernon Shops.

8102Large 8100Large
Funaro & Camerlengo GLE hopper.