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The F39 were 75'0" flat cars designed for TOFC service, long enough to carry two 30' trailers. They were built to the AAR standards for general service, in case TOFC service was not successful.

Cars on the PRR roster (as listed in the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER)):

There were no members of class F39 on the PRR freight interchange roster in 1944, 1948, 1952, 1953, 1958,1963, or 1968.



Two hundred F39 were built in December 1954 by Bethlehem Steel in Johnstown, 470400-470599. The cars were equipped with jacks, tie-down chains, wheel chocks, and jacking beams to secure the trailers.

The F39 has been produced in brass by Overland; and as a plastic kit by Walthers. Decals have been produced by Mount Vernon Shops.

Some modeling notes from Elden Gatwood.... "The Walthers version is close but not exact for any subclass. More generic of the class. The F39, F39A and F39C were all welded, with a shallower fishbelley center sill, while the F39B was cast and had a deeper center sill with lightening holes in it. The F39, F39A, and F39B all had drop staff hand brakes, on the ends, unlike the F39C which had a side-mounted hand wheel brake, which I think the Walthers model has. Unfortunately, all F39C were built directly for Trailer Train by the PRR, so the Walthers model with side hand brake in PRR lettering, is wrong, but you can remove the side brake and add an end one and be accurate." -- From

DSC05838Overland F39 flat car.

Walthers F39 FlatWalthers F39 flat car.



Identical to F39, 150 F39A were built between June and September 1955 by the PRR's Sam Rea Shops, 470600-470749 and another 100 between November 1955 and January 1956, 470800-470899. When the cars were transferred to Trailer Train, many were equipped with ACF Model A trailer hitches.

Decals have been produced by Mount Vernon Shops.

Walthers F39AWalthers F39A flat car.



Between July and October 1955, 50 F39B ere built by the Sam Rea Shops, 470750-470799. A prominent spotting feature was "lightening holes" down the fishbelly center sill.

Decals have been produced by Mount Vernon Shops.


F39C E21270 side TTX471108 RMS

F39C E21273 34 TTX471108 RMS

One hundred F39C were built by the PRR between October and December 1957 as Trailer Train cars (470930-471229). The lightening holes were not included.

Decals have been produced by Mount Vernon Shops.