330px CN Railway logo.svgThe Canadian National was formed in 1919, The railway was referred to as the Canadian National Railways (CNR) between 1918 and 1960, and as Canadian National/Canadien National (CN) from 1960 to the present. As of 1950, the CN owned the second largest fleet of box cars in North America.


DSC01063 1024x400Pre-1943: Painted 'Box Car Red'.
No herald.
Canadian National on two lines in the first panel.
Reporting marks of C.N. (with periods).
C.N. lettering on wood doors.
Gothic sans-serif lettering.
This is the only scheme used on wood or composite cars.





CN 486853 1943 1024x392
1943: White Maple Leaf herald introduced.
Tilted box with 'Serves All Canada'.
Remaining lettering unchanged.







1945: Green Maple Leaf introduced.
Tilted box with 'Serves All Canada.'
Some cars built 1945 to early 1946 with 'Canada's Largest Railway'.










1954: Modified Green Maple Leaf herald introduced.
Straight box with 'Serves All Canada.'







1957: Lines above and below reporting marks no longer used, including some composite cars.
noodle1961: 'Wet Noodle' herald introduced.
Dimensional data in two columns on right side.
@ 1964: Canadian law requires one side to be lettered in French as Canadien National.