CP 250523 19511024x391

Canadian Pacific Railway logo 2014.svgThe Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), also known formerly as CP Rail (reporting mark CP) between 1968 and 1996, is a historic Canadian Class I railroad incorporated in 1881. The railroad is owned by Canadian Pacific Railway Limited, which began operations as legal owner in a corporate restructuring in 2001. As of 1950, the CP owned the fourth largest fleet of box cars in North America.

CP 228249 1024x390Pre-1947: Painted 'Box Car Red'.
No herald.
Canadian Pacific on two lines in the first panel of single sheathed cars.
Canadian Pacific on one line on double sheathed cars.
Reporting marks of C.P. (with periods).
C.P. lettering on wood doors.
Gothic sans-serif lettering.
This is the only scheme used on wood or composite cars.
CP 249853 1947 1024x3961947: 'Spans the World' herald introduced.
CP 250523 19511024x3911951: Stepped 'Canadian Pacific Railway' introduced.
1959: Lines above and below reporting marks no longer used, including some composite cars.
script CPc1959-1962: Script 'Canadian Pacific' introduced.
Some cars received small shield herald, 'Newsprint Service Only'.
c1964: Canadian law requires one side to be lettered in French as Canadien Pacific.
1965: Script herald enlarged.
CP 1966c1966-1967: Green body, cream script herald, and White Pine Tree herald used on newsprint cars in 80967 - 81216 series.
1967: CP Rail scheme introduced.
Orange sides, with red script lettering, black ends and silver roof introduced for heated insulated cars.
TLT301011 CPBOX 228789Multi 10 8 071968: Railroad name officially changed to CP Rail.
Multimark ('Pacman') herald introduced.
1988: Multimark eliminated.