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Trail Blazer Jeff 4 9 16A top


Era & Train Manufacturer
1890's Pennsylvania Limited Westwood (wood and plastic kits)
1899 Pennsylvania Limited "Yellow Kid" Westerfield (resin kits)
1936 Broadway Limited The Coach Yard (brass)
1938 Broadway Limited Challenger Imports (brass; "Fleet of Modernism")
1938 Broadway Limited Oriental Limited (unpainted brass)
1938-41 Trail Blazer The Coach Yard (brass)
1938-41 The General The Coach Yard (brass)
1938-41 Spirit of St. Louis The Coach Yard (brass)
1940 (?) South Wind Challenger (brass; "Fleet of Modernism"; with streamlined K4s)
1940-41 MEC/B&M/NH/PRR East Wind Division Point (brass)
1941 Jeffersonian The Coach Yard (brass)
1941-48 "Clocker" The Coach Yard (brass)
1948 Broadway Limited Oriental Limited (unpainted brass)
1948 Broadway Limited S. Soho & Co. (unpainted brass)
1948 Broadway Limited Lambert (unpainted brass)
1952 Senator Challenger Imports (brass)
1952 Congressional Challenger Imports (brass)
1952 Liberty Limited Challenger Imports (brass)
1952-68 "Clocker" The Coach Yard (brass)
1953 Broadway Limited Walthers (plastic)
1956 AeroTrain Con Cor (plastic)
1956 AeroTrain Railworks (brass)
1956 (?) Keystone Railworks (brass)
1960s Broadway Limited Walthers (plastic)
1960s The General Walthers (plastic)
(?) Congressional S. Soho & Co. (unpainted brass)