PENNSYRR.COM by Jerry Britton

As of 1884 (interpreted from Form 76), the Pennsylvania Railroad -- which did not include "Lines West of Pittsburgh" -- was organized into Grand Divisions, Divisions, and Railroads. Railroads represented in bold are included in the listings but are believed to be independent railroads (many are confirmed so).


Grand Division Division Railroad
United Railroads of New Jersey Division New York Division  
New Jersey Central Division P. & R. R.R.
New York & Long Branch R.R.
Amboy Division  
Belvidere Delaware R.R. (Trenton Yard)  
Belvidere Delaware R.R.  
West Jersey Railroad
Camden & Atlantic Railroad
Pennsylvania Railroad Division Philadelphia Division Schuylkill River Branch
Junction R.R.
Delawre Extension
Frederick Division  
Middle Division  
Lewistown Division Mifflin & Centre County R.R.
Sunbury & Lewistown R.W.
Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain R.R.
Bedford Division Bedford & Bridgeport R.R.
Tyrone Division Lewisburg & Tyrone R.R.
Tyrone Branch
Bald Eagle Valley R.R.
Tyrone & Clearfield R.W.
Altoona Division  
Pittsburgh Division  
West Pennsylvania Division Indiana Branch
West Pennsylvania R.R.
Monongahela Division P. V. & C. R.W.
Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore R.R. Maryland Division Washington Avenue
Alexandria & Fredericksburg R.W.
Alexandria & Washington R.R.
Baltimore & Potomac R.R.
Maryland Division  
Central Division  
Delaware Division  
Baltimore & Delaware Bay R.R.
Northern Central Railway Baltimore Division  
Susquehanna Division  
Shamokin Division S. V. & P. R.R.
Sunbury Division S., H. & W. R.W.
Elmira Division  
Chemung Division  
Canandaigua Division  
Philadelphia & Erie R.R. Division North and West Branch R.W.  
Eastern Division  
Middle Division  
Western Division