PRR Truck York

Heritage: Northern Central Railway

CT 1000, 1945: Eastern Region, Southern Division, Maryland Division, Main Line & York Branch

Maryland Division ETT, 1954: Eastern Region, Maryland Division, Northern Central Branch & York Secondary Track

Valuation Maps

PRR.NC.v2.PA 018 1926 MP53 M001321

PRR.NC.v2.PA-018_1926_MP53 (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 018 1948 MP53 M011165

PRR.NC.v2.PA-018_1948_MP53 (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 019 1926 MP54 M001322

PRR.NC.v2.PA-019_1926_MP54 (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 019 1948 MP54 M011166

PRR.NC.v2.PA-019_1948_MP54 (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 020 1919 MP55 M001323

PRR.NC.v2.PA-020_1919_MP55 (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 020 1948 MP55 M011167

PRR.NC.v2.PA-020_1948_MP55 (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 021 1919 MP56 Grantley M001324

PRR.NC.v2.PA-021_1919_MP56_-_Grantley (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 021 1949 MP56 Grantley M011168

PRR.NC.v2.PA-021_1949_MP56_-_Grantley (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 022 1918 MP57 York M065738

PRR.NC.v2.PA-022_1918_MP57_-_York (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 022 1943 MP57 York M065739

PRR.NC.v2.PA-022_1943_MP57_-_York (PRRT&HS)


PRR.NC.v2.PA 022 1948 MP57 York M011169

PRR.NC.v2.PA-022_1948_MP57_-_York (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 023 1922 MP58 M065740

PRR.NC.v2.PA-023_1922_MP58 (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 023 1945 MP58 M065741

PRR.NC.v2.PA-023_1945_MP58 (PRRT&HS)


PRR.NC.v2.PA 023 1948 MP58 M011170

PRR.NC.v2.PA-023_1948_MP58 (PRRT&HS)


Order is south (railroad east) to north (railroad west). Distance from Baltimore (Penna. Station)...

Grantley, Pa.

Certain-teed Products Corp. Nos. 1, 2 & 3 (MP 54.2)

McGann Manufacturing Co. Inc. (MP 54.4)

York Corp, Grantley Plant Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 (MP 54.5)

Public Delivery (MP 54.6)

John S, Schmidt and Terminal Warehouse Co. No. 4 (MP 54.6)

L. Lavatan & Sons, Inc. (MP 54.6)

Yedder Oil Co. Inc., Standard Oil Co. of Pa. No. 9, Schock Independent Oil Co., Cities Service Oil Co. No. 3, Eastern Pa. Poil Co. Inc., Roosevelt Oil Service No. 1, York Valite Col and Penna. Petroleum Co. (Coastal Tank Lines (MP 54.6)

Read Machinery Co., Inc. No, 2 (MP 54.7)

Station (MP 54.7)


York, Pa.

The McKay Co. (MP 54.7)

Read Machinery Co. No. 1 (MP 54.7)

Schmidt & Ault Paper Co. No. 1 and Service Coal Co. (MP 54.8)

Schmidt & Ault Paper Co. Nos. 2 & 3 (MP 54.9)

York Water Co. No. 1 (MP 55.1)

Schmidt & Ault Paper Co. No. 4 -- Warehouse Building -- East Conn. (MP 55.3)

York Benevolent Association and York Ice & Milk Co. (MP 55.3)

York Caramel Co. (MP 55.4)

Schmidt & Ault Paper Co. No. 5 -- Warehouse Building -- West Conn. (MP 55.4)

Public Delivery -- King Street Yard (MP 55.4)

Robert H. Lafean (MP 55.4)

George F. Motter & Sons Nos. 1 & 2 (MP 55.5)

York Paint & Hardware Co. and Andrews Paper House (MP 55.8)

Public Delivery -- Gerbers' Siding (MP 55.8)

York Farm Bureau Cooperative Association (MP 55.8)

Edison Light & Power Co. No. 1 (MP 56.0)

Junc. Maryland Division - York, Hanover & Frederick Railway (MP 56.0)

Edison Light & Power Co. No. 2 (MP 56.0)

Hespenheide & Thompson, Inc. (MP 56.0)

Barnitz, Heckert Co. (MP 56.0)

Keystone Color Works, Inc. (MP 56.0)

Public Delivery -- George Street Platform (MP 56.1)

Ben. G. Hensel and Yorktowne Machine Co. (MP 56.1)

P. A. & S. Small Co. No. 1(MP 56.1)

A. B. Farquhar Co., Lim., No. 1 (MP 56.1)

Throughout York’s history agriculture has endured as one of the leading industries. In the city as manufacturing and industry grew during the late 1800s, local entrepreneur A.B. Farquhar built a large factory complex that produced a variety of farm implements and tools, from steam engines and threshers, to hit and miss engines and plows. Since York’s establishment in 1741 agricultural has endured has one of the leading industries for York County. In the City as manufacturing and industry grew during the late 1800s, local entrepreneur A.B. Farquhar built a large factory complex that produced a variety of farm implements and tools, from steam engines and threshers, to hit and miss engines and plows. The name “Farquhar” is still seen all over York, and at its height, Farquhar’s business achieved international fame. The complex, seen here around 1885 was located near Duke, George, Court and Gay streets, taking up nearly a full city block. The complex was demolished in the early 1960s after the York factory ceased operation in the 1950s.


P. A. & S. Small Co. No. 2 (MP 56.2)

Station (MP 56.2)

York 1916 1916 postcard of York station. yorkprrYork station, 2010. 
york undated York Station wc
York 1955 3  

Public Delivery Duke Street Yard and Platform (MP 56.2)

Junc. Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad (MP 56.3)

24296437 110347586420839 6946845655230668240 nLooking railroad east on the NCRy. The tracks curving to the foreground left are the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad. YORK tower is out of sight to the left. 24852218 110347479754183 5710912320223632965 nLooking railroad west on the NCRy. The Ma & Pa tracks are in the distance curving off to the right.
24900175 110347476420850 3863175065475996335 nA view similar to that above, but from further away.  york int York interlocking plan, 1972.
YORK tower 1971York tower, 1971.  


Public Delivery -- Queen Street Crane Track (MP 56.4)

York 1955 2  

Freight Station (MP 56.4)

yorkprrfFreight station, 2010. York Freight House 1910York Freight House, 1910

A. B. Farquhar Co., Lim., No. 2 (MP 56.4)

Hardinge Manufacturing Co. Nos. 1 & 2 (MP 56.4)

Junc. Maryland Division - York Branch (MP 56.4)

Engine House and Shop Tracks -- East Conn. (MP 56.5)

24862383 110347473087517 5383259252429026038 nEarly view of the "wye" that surrounds the locomotive facility. The coal wharf in the background pre-dates the concreate coaling tower. Poorhouse yard is at the top of the photo. 39 Wye View North View from atop the coaling tower, looking railroad west, towards Harrisburg.
41 Wye View West View from atop the coaling tower, looking railroad east, towards Baltimore. 40 Wye View East View from the top of the coaling tower, looking true east, towards Columbia.
38 Loco ShedBack side of the engine house. york copy
York Coal Tower1 York Coal Tower2
York 1955Coal tower, 1955. york engine 1945


York Safe & Lock Co. Nos. 1 & 2 (MP 56.6)

Perhaps one of the best examples of the success, ingenuity, and perseverance of York’s local manufacturing industry was the York Plan. Prior to and during World War II, the York Plan was a local effort spearheaded by S. Forry Laucks of the York Safe and Lock Co., to convert local industry production to military items. The success was unprecedented and as a result the United States Government studied the York approach and tried to implement in other locations across the country, hence the ‘York Plan.’

York Safe Lock 1 York Safe Lock 2
York Safe Lock 3  

York Safe & Lock Co. Nos. 3 & 4 (MP 56.7)

York Safe & Lock Co. No. 5 (MP 56.8)

York Chemical Works (MP 56.8)

Engine House and Shop Tracks -- West Conn. (MP 56.9)

North Siding Yard -- East Conn. (MP 57.0)

D. Eugene Frey (MP 57.1)

Edgemont Paper Co. (MP 57.3)

North Siding Yard -- West Conn. (MP 57.4)

Public Delivery and Loucks Mill Siding (MP 57.5)

Loucks Yard -- East Conn. (MP 57.5)

York Safe & Lock Co. Nos. 6 & 7 (MP 57.8)

Loucks Yard -- West Conn. (MP 58.1)

Neuman Sand & Supply Co. (MP 58.1)

Loucks Station (MP 58.5)

York Roller Mills (MP 58.9)

 York Branch

Order is east (railroad north) to west (railroad south). Distance from Columbia, Pa...

George A. Wolfe & Sons (MP 12.1)

Molybdenum Corp. of America (MP 12.2)

Keystone Roofing Manufacturing Co. Nos. 1 & 2 (MP 12.4)

U. S. Expansion Bolt Co. (MP 12.6)

H. O. Saylor; International Harvester Co. Inc., No. 2; Chock, Horowitz Co.; Yorktowne Wholesale Grocery Co.; and York Motor Express (MP 12.6)

Poorhouse Yard -- North Conn. (MP 12.7)

Wye and Coaling Tracks (MP 12.7)

Scales (MP 12.8)

Poorhouse Yard -- South Conn. (MP 12.9)

Louisa M. Grothe (MP 12.9)

Junc. Maryland Division -- Northern Central Railway (MP 13.0)

Station (MP 13.1)

Junc. Maryland Division - Northern Central Railway (MP 13.4)