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The Northern Central Railway originally ran from Baltmore, Md. to Sodus Point, N.Y. It was assimilated into the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1911. Thereafter it was segmented into various divisions and names. Only the segment from Baltimore to Wago Junction, Pa., retained the original name of the Northern Central Railway.

The following is a tour of the Northern Central Railway, starting in Baltimore, Md., to Wago Junction, Pa., based on the 1945 edition of the Pennsylvania Railroad CT1000 -- List of Stations and Sidings.

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Location Notes
CS  Baltimore, Md.   
MU  Junc. Western Maryland Ry. 
JK  Junc. Municipal Harbor Belt Railroad
 Junc. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad 
BAL  UNION Tower & Interlocking
 Junc. Maryland Division - Main Line
 B&P Tower & Interlocking
 Junc. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad 
 Junc. Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad 
502   Woodberry, Md.  
503  Melvale, Md.  
505   Mt. Washington, Md.   
   Bare Hills, Md.  
506  Hollins, Md.  Junc. Green Springs Branch
507  Lake, Md.  
508   Ruxton, Md.  
509  Riderwood, Md.  
510   Lutherville, Md.  
510A  Timonium, Md.   
   Pavonia, Md.  
512  Texas, Md.  
514  Cockeysville, Md.  
515   Ashland, Md.  
516    Public Delivery
517   Phoenix, Md.  
519   Sparks, Md.  
520   Glencoe, Md.  
521   Corbett, Md.  
522  Monkton, Md.  
524  Blue Mount, Md.  
525   White Hall, Md.  
526  Graystone, Md.  
528   Parkton, Md.  PARKTON Block Station
530  Bentley Springs, Md.  
533  Freeland, Md.  
Maryland-Pennsylvania State Line   
534  Summit Grove, Pa.  
536  New Freedom, Pa.  Junc. Stewartstown Railroad
538   Shrewsbury, Pa.  
540   Seitzland, Pa.  
541   Glen Rock, Pa.  
543  Larue, Pa.  
544  Seitzville, Pa.  
545  Hanover Junction, Pa.   
546  Smyser, Pa.
 (Seven Valleys)
 SMYSER Block Station
548  Glatfelter, Pa.  
     Dippers Curve
     Howard Tunnel
552  Brilhart, Pa.  York Water Co. No. 2
Y  Grantley, Pa.  GRANTLEY Tower & Interlocking
 York, Pa.  Junc. Maryland Division - York, Hanover & Frederick Railway 
 YORK Tower & Interlocking
 Junc. Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad 
 Junc. Maryland Division - York Branch
561   Emigsville, Pa.  
564   Mt. Wolf, Pa.  
      Wago Division Board
565  Wago Junction, Pa.  Junc. Philadelphia Division - York Haven Line