Heritage: York & Maryland Line Railroad, Northern Central Railway

CT 1000, 1945: Eastern Region, Central Pennsylvania Division, Maryland Division, Northern Central Railway

Maryland Division ETT, 1954: Eastern Region, Maryland Division, Northern Central Branch

Glen Rock was a base for helper engines to assist eastbound trains up the hill to New Freedom (usually an H9 class). Important industries were the Glen Rock Mill -- built as a woolen mill and converted to a flour mill, American Machine and Foundry, and J. F. & H. O. Neuhaus farm equipment.

Glen Rock 1902Glen Rock in 1902.

Sanborn Maps (1913)

Glen Rock1913 sheet02 Glen Rock1913 sheet03 Glen Rock1913 sheet04


Order is south to north. Distance from Baltimore (passenger station)...

J. F. & H. O. Neuhaus (MP 40.6)

Farm equipment business.

Public Delivery (MP 40.7)

Coleman Enterprise Co. and American Machine & Foundry Co. (MP 40.8)

Station (MP 40.8)

Glen Rock 1900sA stunning shot of Glen Rock in the 1900s. A standard passenger shelter is seen at the left with a tower in the distance.
Glen Rock  


Glen Manufacturing Co. (MP 41.1)