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In 1932 the PRR designed boxcars that would be specifically used for the automobile industry. To maximize capacity they used a new unique roof design, where it curved at the edge, termed a “round roof” or “wagontop”. The X32 and X33 classes were both 50 '6" cars with staggered doors. The X33 differed from the X32 in that it also had end doors. Both X32 and X33 cars were built in 1933. Then, in 1936 after some design improvements, the X32a and X33a classes were constructed. The X33 class was specifically designed for carrying finished automobiles.

Although considered large capacity when first built in 1933, line side clearance improvements made the cars obsolete, so in 1959 the PRR stripped the superstructure of 1,000 X32 and X33 subclasses cars to build their X51 class of boxcars. By April of 1968, the PRR only had less than a dozen X32/X33 cars in revenue service. (Source:


Overview of Sub-Classes

  X33 X33A
First Built 1933  1936 
Quantity Built    
Roof Round Round


Cars on the PRR roster (as listed in the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER)):

Class Car Number AAR Class PRR Oct 44 PRR Oct 48 PRR Apr 52 PRR Oct 53 PRR Oct 58 PRR Oct 63 PRR Apr 68
X33 60172 60221 XA XM XMP 49 48 48 48 48 28 -
X33a 59500 59799 XA XM XMP XP 298 298 296 296 294 158 1
Roster data compiled by Rich Orr; courtesy of



The X33 has been offered in brass by Railworks; and in plastic by Bowser.

55462Bowser X33 box car.