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The X42 was created following WW2 when head-end mail and express traffic took off across the nation. For the PRR it was cheaper to build a boxcar with door spacing and dimensions similar to a B60 baggage car for bulk mail shipments. This unique boxcar was classed as an X42, and 10 of the 60' cars were built between August and September of 1950, series 2540-2549. Equipped with steam and signal lines like an express car, it was initially painted in the Circle Keystone Scheme used for freight. However, in a May 1951 paint & lettering diagram, the scheme was made obsolete when all X42 were repainted into a unique Tuscan Red Passenger scheme. The car sides and ends were painted Tuscan Red. The roof, underbody, and trucks were painted black. The side lettering was Gold Leaf and the end lettering was white. All 10 X42’s were later painted into the Shadow Keystone Scheme with some later receiving the Plain Keystone monogram as well. The entire fleet of 10 cars lasted into Penn Central. (Source: Mount Vernon Shops)

 The X42s were considered passenger equipment and were carried on the passenger equipment roster and do not appear in the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER). 

X42 E18846 A34 BillLane X42 box car 2542
X42 box car 2548 end view X42 E18848 Interior BillLane
X42 2546 prr x42


The X42 has been produced in brass by Precision Scale and The P Company; and as a resin kit by Funaro & Camerlengo. Decals are available from Mount Vernon Shops.

8260LargeFunaro & Camerlengo X42