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The G24 were 41'-6" gondolas designed by the United States Railroad Administration (USRA) and plans provided to the PRR in April 1919. They were composite cars with wood in the sides, end and floor. They featured straight sides with drop doors in the floor and rode on USRA 2D-F3 trucks. They had Carmer cut levers.

Starting in 1929, the Pennsy replaced the composite sides with drop bottoms to steel sides with solid bottoms. Some cars received steel ends. Though most cars were converted in this manner, the program was halted in 1930.

In later years it appears the Pennsy may have replaced many with 2D-F8 trucks.


Cars on the PRR roster (as listed in the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER)):

Class Car Number AAR Class PRR Oct 44 PRR Oct 48 PRR Apr 52 PRR Oct 53 PRR Oct 58 PRR Oct 63 PRR Apr 68
G24 351473 351873 GB 400 400 399 276 2 - -
G24 751043 751329 GB 178 178 177 133 4 1 -
G24 775755 775966 GB 132 131 129 97 - - -
G24 882541 882563 GB 38 38 38 28 - - -
Roster data compiled by Rich Orr. From


Types of trucks used

Class Car Numbers Truck Class Truck Name Qty cars:
G24     2D-F3 U.S.R.A  
G24     2D-F3a U.S.R.A  
Truck data is from PRR documents circa 1940's. Other truck classes may also have been used. From





G24 Load

Sunshine Models offered the G24 as a resin kit (out of business). Precision Scale produced the G24 in brass. InterMountain offers a G24.

46608awlInterMountain G24