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Baltimore and Ohio HeraldThe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (reporting marks B&O, BO) is the oldest railroad in the United States and the first common carrier railroad, with its first section opening in 1830. The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway took financial control of the B&O in 1963. The B&O already had a controlling interest in the Western Maryland Railway. In 1973 the three railroads were brought together under one corporate identity, the Chessie System, although they continued to operate as separate railroads. The Western Maryland was merged into the B&O in 1976. In 1980 the Chessie System and Seaboard Coast Line Industries, a holding company that owned the Seaboard Coast Line, the Louisville & Nashville, the Clinchfield, and the Georgia Railroad, agreed to form CSX Corporation. SCL Industries was renamed the Seaboard System Railroad (SBD) in 1983, the same year that the Western Maryland Railway was completely absorbed into the B&O. SBD was renamed CSX Transportation (CSX) in 1986. On April 30, 1987, the B&O's corporate existence ended when it was absorbed into the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, which merged into CSX Transportation on August 31 of that year.


Freight Equipment

Major Lettering Arrangements
1941 - 1960s
   Transition Kuhler
   Wartime Kuhler
 BO M53  Early 13 Great States
 bow56934  Post War 13 Great States
   Early Billboard
 BO hopper  Mid Fifties Billboard
 26167104 1754655714578904 1171303879539216333 n  Late Fifties Billboard
 45795wl  Capitol Dome Billboard


Special LCL Schemes
1947, March - Sentinel Service introduced which assures shippers a definite delivery date.
1950 - Time Saver Service introduced for LCL promising second day service between NYC and Midwest cities.The B&O Modeler writes that "a much small number (perhaps a dozen) of the M-55H box cars were repainted in the striking blue and orange “Orange Comet” Time-Saver scheme (six photographically confirmed – numbers #467071, -109, -226, -286, -434, and -439); it appears that these cars were repainted as needed beginning 8/50 to freshly represent B&O in publicity displays and equipment expositions promoting less-than-carload service. All the cars wore silver roofs except #467109, which was photographed sporting at different times a blue roof or a silver roof."


Diesel Locomotives

Original - Blue/gray/black scheme with three digit numbers and no "Baltimore and Ohio" on boosters.

For modeling 1950-55, the B&O Historical Society recommends an ABA or ABBA lashup of Also FA/B2’s or EMD F7’s.

25660286 1754586791252463 2036267326835576069 n
26230378 1765803083464167 4670372365347487600 n
1957 - Units renumbered to four digits, "Baltimore and Ohio" added to boosters,
road number centered on cab side, top gold stripe on black band moved down to below the batten strip.
26060308 1754584701252672 2125927477774577356 o  
1958 - The gray was replaced with blue. 
26196070 1765802533464222 4029941102101155653 n
Late 1962 - "Sunburst" scheme. Lettering color changed from Dulux Imitation Gold
to Federal Signal Yellow. Sunburst pattern on nose, dashed frame stripe.
August 1964 - Solid blue scheme with a solid yellow frame stripe. So painted until 1972.
26170398 1754583457919463 6577210539585945367 o
No B&O cab unit was painted Chessie (1972-1987).
1941-1945 - Simple Kuhler Herald.
26166003 1754611361250006 6451782469930706372 n  
1945-1955 - Yellow lettering, 36" Linking 13 Great States Herald.
26001122 1754611074583368 6220743889373217185 n  
1945-1955 - White lettering, 36" Linking 13 Great States Herald.
26112103 1754610864583389 5569795277390499213 n  
1945-1955 - White lettering, 25" Linking 13 Great States Herald.
26165265 1754610177916791 7642619149244868205 n  
1955 - Linking 13 Great States Herald - 7" side numbers.
26112273 1754610041250138 4699130924000858807 n  
1955-1962 - Linking 13 Great States Herald - 9" side numbers.
SMD I12 car2 1  
1963-1964 - Capitol Dome Herald - 9" side numbers.
25994897 1754609381250204 1075186361145617490 n  
1965-1969 - Pool Service - B&O above bay window, yellow ends.
26000843 1754608931250249 6808594694554281833 n  
1965-1969 - Pool Service - No B&O above bay window, yellow ends.
26166357 1754607854583690 1534307055205122330 n  
1970-1971 - Pool Service - Yellow 36" simple Kuhler herald, yellow stripe, and blue ends. Spring Mills Depot I12 Caboose
26001042 1754602777917531 7304957185768922288 n  
26047421 1754597624584713 2913896584912312651 n  

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