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PRR R50b

The Pennsy had 550 class R50b high speed express reefers, numbered 2551-3100. They were 54'6" long and rode on PRR standard 4-wheel cast steel passenger trucks, class 2D-P5. When not needed for refrigerator duties, express reefers often carried dry express shipments. One unit is preserved at the Railroaders Memorial Museum in Altoona, PA.

The Pennsy also had 36 class R60 63' reefers, built by ACF in 1913. Car and load could not exceed 140,000 pounds. Ice capacity was 184 cu. ft.

Paint & Lettering

Bob Zoeller writes "The roof would have been metallic brown until about July, 1939, car cement (dull black) through 1943, and black thereafter. Underbodies were olive until January 1944. The PRR Historical Society Painting and Lettering Guide then lists about 6 months where underbodies were painted tuscan, 6 months Truck Green, a technicality which I list but I believe I can safely say even diehard Pennsy fans ignore. From mid-1945 on, the underbodies were black. Handholds were black. Technically, window sashes, if there are any on the R60, are listed as dark orange until 1936 on headend cars, tuscan red 1937 on. Lettering was gold leaf until mid-1952 on Pennsy passenger cars, but I am almost sure the R50b express reefers were an exception and switched to the buff (or Deluxe or Imitation Gold) color by WWII, probably because the gold leaf didn't hold up well.

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R50b Express Reefer

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