This has proved to be a very productive weekend. The first task at hand was to complete the benchwork for the upper level at the east end of Burnham, as well as the benchwork under what will be the Standard Steel Company... offering a switching job all by itself.

The dramatic effect of 13-18 watt CFL's.
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I then finished installing the lower level lighting, which resides within the benchwork of the upper level -- a pre-requisite for beginning track work on the upper level. Even with the upper level fascia not installed, the effect of the compact florescent lighting with daylight temperature bulbs is dramatic, as the photo shows. (There will be lighting installed on the ceiling for the upper level.)

I then made quick work of installing the DCC power bus through the upper level benchwork. With that accomplished, I cut and laid in place the plywood for the majority of the upper level through east Burnham and Yeagertown. I roughed in the track work for Yeagertown and started gluing down the road bed. I've become a big fan of the DAP adhesive method which has been popularized over the past few years.

Overhead view of Yeagertown, looking railroad west, as the right of way is being roughed in.
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More photos are available in the Construction Photos album.