The wife left for Vegas this morning for five days... so I get five days of "training" at home. Luck be a Lady!

I didn't waste any time and got down to business on a 16' by 4' extension into the rec room... passing through where the wall used to be.

On top of these I attached the superstructure components I previously built-up assembly line style. This worked out super well. It only took an hour to install all of the superstructures.


Looking through the staging level

The second photo shows a low-angle shot through the framing... specifically, the staging level.

The third photo is taken from a slightly higher level. The middle level will be the Lewistown Secondary at downtown Lewistown. The upper level will be the Milroy Secondary at Reedsville.

The fourth photo shows another angle of the new construction. Note the boxed out girder supporting the floor above. This is where the wall used to be. The rec room will soon see a suspended ceiling making the whole area more presentable.

Higher angle

Subsequent to these shots I installed the upper level backdrop. Over the next few days I plan to spackle the joints and paint them.

I also installed the plywood for the staging deck, as well as the DCC power bus for the upper level.

Another angle

More photos here.

Off to the Great Scale Model Train Showat Timonium, Md., tomorrow.