Over the past few weeks, interspersed with other projects, I managed to complete a home for my railroad's nerve center.

Underneath the future home of Standard Steel in Burnham, Pa., I had an "L" shaped area with no intended use. The tabletop level adjoined the main line near LEWIS tower. There were no prototypical opportunities for layout expansion, and I didn't want to waste the space on storage. Then it occured to me to create an operations area.

I constructed an "L" shaped countertop at normal desk height. In the corner I placed my American Power Conversion uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and Digitrax PS515 power supply. 

Running to the right I placed my DCS100 command station and two DB150 boosters. In front of them, a programming track. On the wall behind I attached a sheet of plywood to which I can mount electronics.

Running down the left side I placed a Windows computer with 20" flat panel on which I will run the Java Model Railroad Interface (JMRI) which provides a computer link to Digitrax' LocoNet. JMRI's Decoder Pro will be used to program decoders. JMRI will later be implemented for main line track detection and signal control.

With paint from Lowe's matched to Pennsy color drift cards, I painted the walls Buff Building Color and the countertop and structural supports Dark Building Color.

During operating sessions there will be no need to access the computer so the chair will not be in the way of the operator working Standard Steel above.