Harbison Walker aerial view

Heritage: Pennsylvania Railroad

CT 1000, 1945: Eastern Region, Eastern Pennsylvania Division, Middle Division, Main Line

Middle Division ETT, 1954: Eastern Region, Middle Division, Main Line


Mount Union Huntingdon County taken from the Kistler side of the Juniata River some time prior to 1936Mount Union prior to 1936.   

Bridge over Juniata River

Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Croghan Pike (522) and Juniata River on Norfolk Southern (former PRR).

Built 1906 by PRR, reinforced with concrete by Conrail ca. 1980.

This bridge has six segmental arch spans, each 100' long and 58' wide. The center pier's width was increased 20' making it 8' wider than the others which balances the classic aesthetic rules by giving it an easily identifiable center.

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Distance from Harrisburg...

86.7 Passenger Station *

Pennsylvania Railroad Depot in the town of Mt. Union Huntingdon County in the early 1900s Pennsylvania Railroad Station located in the town of Mt. Union Huntingdon County in 1908
Train Station in Mt. Union Huntingdon County in 1946  PRR Station
Pennsylvania Railroad Depot along Pennsylvania Avenue in the town of Mt. Union Huntingdon County in the early 1900sOriginal PRR station in town before main line bypassed downtown. mtunion 19701970 view of station.


86.7 E. A. Beaver Co.


86.7 Harbison-Walker Co.

Harbison Walker Harbison Walker 2
Harbison Walker aerial view Harbison Walker Refractories Company Mount Union PAjpg
Harbison Walker 3 Dinky Bridge in Mt. Union Huntingdon County
Harbison Walker Refractories Co Mount Union PA Harbison Waler 1988

86.8 Transfer & Freight Station


86.9 Public Track

mount union 1950

PRR team track action in 1950.

 ebt3 mount union 1945

EBT #3 in Mount Union in 1945.

87.0 Station -- Transfer East Broad Top Railroad -- Narrow Gauge

mount union   

87.1 General Refractories Co. No. 1

Aerial view of the town of Mt. Union General Refractories Houses Mount Union PA 1990Company houses, 1990.

87.1 Scales

Mount Union Scale

Mount Union scale track, courtesy of Lee Rainey. 


87.2 Mt. Union Wood Preserving Plant

Pennsylvania Railroad Creosoting Plant located in Mt. Union   

87.2 North American Refractories Co. No. 1

North American Refractories bottom center and General Refractories top right in Mt. Union  North American Refractories
North American Refractories2  

87.3 Jackson Power House