mcclure station

Located 17.1 miles from the junction with the Middle Division.

The 1884 Form 76 lists this site, but no online customers.

The 1900 CT1000 lists Marcy & Co. and a Station.

The 1923 CT1000 lists Storage (MP 16.5), John I. Gill (MP 17.0), Atlantic Refining Co. No. 17 (MP 17.0), a Passing Siding (MP 17.0) and a Station (MP 17.1) .

The 1945 CT1000 lists only a Station.


McClure station 1940s McClure station in the 1040s. Joe Henry Kline photo.


McClure Station laterMcClure Station after an expansion of the freight side of the building.

McClure water McClure standard 23,628-gallon water tank and sand house.
1917 I.C.C. photo; National Archives.

1955 Excursion

GenNeg 26381 cat mcclure 1955
GenNeg 26382 cat mcclure2 1955 GenNeg 26383 cat mcclure3 1955
GenNeg 26384 cat mcclure4 1955 GenNeg 26386 cat mcclure5 1955