Harrisburg Station 1912

The Philadelphia Division maintained its identity over the (then) modern era of the Pennsy. It existed as of 1941 as part of the Eastern Pennsylvania Grand Division. In the 1956 reorganization, it absorbed the Philadelphia Terminal Division to become the Philadelphia Operating Region. In 1964 it was split into the Philadelphia and Harrisburg operating divisions.


Track Guide

The following is a tour of the Philadelphia Division Main Line, starting in Malvern, Pa., to beyond Marysville, Pa., based on the 1945 edition of the Pennsylvania Railroad CT1000 -- List of Stations and Sidings.

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105A    Junc. Philadelphia Terminal Division 
106  Malvern, Pa.   
F  Frazier, Pa.  Junc. West Chester Branch 
109  Glen Loch, Pa.  GLEN Interlocking
 Junc. Trenton Branch
110  Ship Road, Pa.  
   Whiteland, Pa.  
113  Whitford, Pa.  
116  Chester Valley, Intersection, Pa.  
117  Downingtown, Pa.  DOWNS Interlocking
119  Thorndale, Pa.  
120  THORN Tower & Interlocking 
121  Caln, Pa.  CALN Interlocking
122  Coatesville, Pa.  
126    Pomeroy, Pa.  Junc. Coatesville Branch
   Parkesburg, Pa.  PARK Tower & Interlocking
 Junc. Atglen & Susquehanna Branch
130  Lenover, Pa.  
131  Atglen, Pa.  
133  Christiana, Pa.  
135  Gap, Pa.  
138  Kinzer, Pa.  
141  Leaman Place, Pa.  Junc. Strasburg Railroad
 143  Gordonville, Pa.  
 145  Ronk, Pa.  
 146  Bird-in-Hand, Pa.  
 147  Witmer, Pa.  
 150   Conestoga, Pa.  Junc. New Holland Branch
 151A    Junc. Lancaster East Yard
 153A  Lancaster, Pa.  CORK Tower & Interlocking
154  Dillerville, Pa.  Junc. Columbia Branch
 Junc. Connector to Quarryville Branch
 3179  Landisville, Pa.  LANDIS Tower & Interlocking
 3180  Salunga, Pa.  
 3181  Chiques Milling Co.  
 MJ  Mount Joy, Pa.  
 3185  Florin, Pa.  
 3188  Rheems, Pa.  
 3191  Elizabethtown, Pa.  
CON  Conewago, Pa.  Junc. Lebanon Branch
 3199  Royalton, Pa.  ROY Block Station
183  Middletown, Pa.  
190  Steelton, Pa.  
H  Harrisburg, Pa.  STATE Tower & Interlocking
 Junc. Reading Co.
 HARRIS Tower & Interlocking
197  Lucknow, Pa.  
RV  Rockville, Pa.  ROCKVILLE Tower & Interlocking
   Hecks, Pa.  Junc. Williamsport Division - Main Line 
MV  Marysville, Pa.  Junc. Enola Yard
 BANKS Tower & Interlocking
     Junc. Middle Division - Main Line