Track Guide

The following is a tour of the Bellefonte Branch, starting in Lewisburg, Pa., to Bellefonte, Pa. (exclusive), based on the 1945 edition of the Pennsylvania Railroad CT1000 -- List of Stations and Sidings.

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     Junc. Williamsport Division - Main Line  
7302  Lewisburg, Pa.   UR Tower & Interlocking
7304  Brook Park, Pa.   
7307  Vicksburg, Pa.  
7311  Mifflinburg, Pa.  
7315  Swengel, Pa.  
7316  Millmont, Pa.  
7318  Rutherton, Pa.  
     Junc. Laurelton Branch
7320   Glen Iron, Pa.  IRON Block Limit Station
7324  Pardee, Pa.  
7325   Weikert, Pa.  
7332  Paddy Mountain, Pa,   
7334  Ingleby, Pa.  
7336  Coburn, Pa.  
7343  Rising Springs, Pa.  
7349  Centre Hall, Pa.   
7355  Linden Hall, Pa.  
7357  Oak Hall, Pa.  
LT  Lemont, Pa.  
7360   Dale Summit, Pa.  
7362   Rockview, Pa.  
7363    White Rock Quarries No. 4
 WHITE Block Limit Station
7364  Pleasant Gap, Pa.  
7365  Axemann, Pa.  
     FONT Block Limit Station
 Junc. Middle Division - Bellefonte Branch