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Track Guide

The following is a tour of the Williamsport Division Main Line, starting in Hecks, Pa. (exclusive), to Renovo, Pa. (inclusive), based on the 1945 edition of the Pennsylvania Railroad CT1000 -- List of Stations and Sidings.


Click on the link of a location for more information (if available).

  Hecks, Pa.   Junc. Philadelphia Division - Main Line  
DN  Dauphin, Pa.   
597  Speeceville, Pa.  
599 Clark's Ferry, Pa.   
600 Powell's Creek, Pa.  
601  Inglenook, Pa.  
606 Halifax, Pa.   
612 Millersburg, Pa.  Junc. Lykens Valley Railroad
617 Mahantango, Pa.  
620    Susquehanna Stone Co.
622  Dalmatia, Pa.  
624    Car Repair Siding - East Bound
625   FIDLER Tower
626 Herndon, Pa.   
630    Boyles Eastward Siding
Boyles Westward Siding
631  Fisher's Ferry, Pa.  
633 Selinsgrove, Pa. Junc. Wilkes-Barre Division - Lewistown Branch
Sunbury, Pa. Junc. Wilkes-Barre Division - Shamokin Branch
 Kase, Pa. Junc. Wilkes-Barre Division
ND Northumberland, Pa.  Junc. D. L. & W. Railroad
645 Kapp, Pa.  
MN Montandon, Pa. Junc. Williamsport Division - Bellefonte Branch
ML  Milton, Pa. Junc. Reading Company
652 Watsontown, Pa.  
655A Junc. Berwick Branch
658 Dewart, Pa.  
MG Montgomery, Pa. Junc. Reading Company
662   Clinton Passing Siding
665 Muncy, Pa.  
674   Atlantic Refining Co. No. 1
675   Junc. Williamsport & Linden Branch - East Connector
679 Newberry, Pa. Junc. Newberry Branch
Junc. New York Central Railroad
682   Junc. Williamsport & Linden Branch - West Connector
683 Nisbet, Pa.  
689 Jersey Shore, Pa.  
695 Pine, Pa.  
698 McElhattan, Pa. Junc. New York Central Railroad
701 Lane, Pa.  
LH Loch Haven, Pa. Junc. Bald Eagle Branch
707  Queen's Run, Pa.  
708 Farrandsville, Pa.   
713 Ferney, Pa.  
715  Glen Union, Pa.   
723 Hyner, Pa.   
726  North Bend, Pa.   
728   Farwell Passing Siding
729   Penna. Electric Co. No. 2, Deeghan Bros. and Public Track 
RE Renovo, Pa.  
731 Junc. Renovo Division