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Canandaigua station

Heritage: Elmira & Lake Ontario Railroad, Northern Central Railway

CT 1000, 1945: Eastern Region, Central Pennsylvania Division, Williamsport Division, Elmira Branch

Susquehanna Division ETT, 1954: Eastern Region, Susquehanna Division, Sodus Bay Secondary


Canandagua Yard canandagua mapPennsylvania Railroad diagram of Canandaigua from 1921.
NYC Canandaigua MapNew York Central map of Canandaigua from 1917.  


Order is south to north. Distance from Williamsport (passenger station)...

142.9 Storage

143.2 Junction New York Central Railroad -- East Street

143.6 Junction New York Central Railroad -- Ontario Street

143.7 Shops

143.8 Passing Siding

143.8 Junction Canandaigua Lake Branch

143.9 Rochester Fuel & Feed Co. and Storage

144.0 Station

Canandaigua station Canandaigua Stations

144.1 North Junction New York Central Railroad

144.1 W. S. Buck