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2015 Photos by Jerry Britton
IMG 0192 Conversion "car" that adapts coupler height between standard locomotive/cars and lower plant internal cars. IMG 0193
IMG 0194 IMG 0195
IMG 0197 P1010009
P1010010 The building just railroad-east of Yeager No. 2. It was present in the 1950s but its use was unknown. P1010011
P1010012 P1010013
P1010025 P1010026
P1010014 P1010015
P1010021 P1010022
P1010023 P1010024
P1010032 Looking railroad-east, the tan building is approximately where Yeager No. 2 was located. P1010720
P1010721 P1010722
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P1010726 P1010727
P1010728 P1010729
stdsteel stdsteel2

Circa 2010 Photos by Jerry Britton

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P1010680 I walked the north bank of Kish Creek photographing Standard Steel, starting at Freedom Avenue and working upstream.  P1010681
P1010682 P1010683
P1010684  P1010685
P1010686  P1010687
P1010688  P1010689
P1010690 P1010691
P1010692 Kovalchik Salvage. P1010693
P1010694  P1010695
P1010696 P1010697
P1010698  P1010699
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Contemporary Photos  
railroad axles railroad axles pre milling
railroad axles stacked