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1917 honey creek shelter

Heritage: Mifflin & Centre County Railroad

CT 1000, 1945: Eastern Region, Eastern Pennsylvania Division, Middle Division, Milroy Branch

Middle Division ETT, 1954: Eastern Region, Middle Division, Milroy Secondary

Valuation Maps

  PRR.v16.01.PA 07 1918r39c49 Sunbury Div Milroy Branch.lowPRR.v16.01.PA-07_1918r39c49
  PRR.v16.01.PA 08 1918r39c49 Sunbury Div Milroy Branch.lowPRR.v16.01.PA-08_1918r39c49
PRR.v16.01.PA 09 1918c27 12 Sunbury Div Milroy Branch Honey Creek.lowPRR.v16.01.PA-09_1918c27_Honey_Creek PRR.v16.01.PA 09 1918r39c49 Sunbury Div Milroy Branch Honey Creek Shraders.lowPRR.v16.01.PA-09_1918r39c49_Honey_Creek


Bridge 7.80 Honey Creek 2015 photo of the remnants of bridge 7.80.  


Listed in 1923 CT1000. Not listed in 1945 CT1000. (Passenger service ceased in 1941.)

Honey Creek shelter, 1917:
1917 honey creek shelter

National Limestone Co. No. 2--West End

Listed in the 1900 CT1000 as Woods & Co. Listed in the 1923 CT1000. Not listed in the 1945 CT1000. 

This is discussed in more detail in the Shrader article.

A. Reichkey, Jos. Kelley No. 1 and O. P. Harpster

Listed in the 1900 CT1000. Not listed in the 1923 or 1945 CT1000's. 

A. G. Morris No. 8

Listed in the 1900 CT1000. Not listed in the 1923 or 1945 CT1000's.