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The 1884 Form 76 lists Beavertown (MP 25.6). It separately lists Beavertown Passing Siding (Loc 1576) and J. S. Wood & Son (Loc 1577).

The 1900 CT1000 lists J. S. Wood & Son and W. B. Winey & Bro. (MP 25.6).

The 1923 CT1000 lists a Station (MP 25.4) and Passing Siding (MP 25.5).

The 1945 CT1000 lists a Station (MP 25.4) and Hill Brick Co., Inc. (MP 25.6).

Valuation Maps

PRR.v16.0.PA-25_1927_MP25 PRR.v16.0.PA 25 1949 MP25 M022191PRR.v16.0.PA-25_1949_MP25
PRR.v16.0.PA 26 1926 Beaverton MP26 M003944PRR.v16.0.PA-26_1926_Beaverton_MP26 PRR.v16.0.PA 26 1949 Beaverton MP26 M022192PRR.v16.0.PA-26_1949_Beaverton_MP26


On Sunday, August 14, 1955, the Snyder County Centennial Train Ride from Selinsgrove to McClure and back took place from 1 :00 PM to 5 :30 PM. This special passenger train of the famed Pennsylvania Railroad, the nation’s largest at the time, passed through Beavertown going westward and returning eastward, and as such was the last train ever to transport passengers on the PRR. Sunbury & Lewistown line. The first passenger train that traveled on the Sunbury and Lewistown Railroad was on Dec. 1, 1871. The train was in operation until early 1960's but was not a passenger train after 1955.

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Aerial view of Beavertown showing the location of the Beavertown Railroad Station
and S & L Railroad tracks. Beavertown Historical Society.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (1923)

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1925 Pennsylvania Railroad Industrial Directory

Receivers | Shippers | Commodities

Beavertown Shirt Company
s Shirts

r  = Receiver     s = Shipper
This directory is not by any means a complete list of companies or commodities.

These entries were possible through the work of Stephen Tichenal.
More information at Rails & Trails.


Station (MP 25.4)

84943767 2506484499590419 3185687100116697088 nBeavertown station. Beavertown Historical Society.


Beavertown tool house and station, looking eastward.
1917 I.C.C. photo; National Archives

Hill Brick Co., Inc. (MP 25.6)

Other Photos

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