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Middleburg station

The 1884 Form 76 lists Middleburg. Simonton Barber & Co. (Loc 1584) and Harriet Dunkelberger (Loc 1585).

MP 1900 CT1000 1923 CT1000 1945 CT1000
33.0  W. B. Winey Station   Station
J. M. & G. H. Steininger    
33.1    W. B. Winey W. B. Winey
  J. M. & G. H. Steininger  
33.4    J. Paskus & Son, Inc. Middleburg Tanning
33.5     Passing Siding  
  Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Co. Dairyman's League Co-operative Ass'n., Inc. No. 2
    M. C. Romberger, Inc.


Valuation Maps

PRR.v16.0.PA 33 1921 MP33 M003948PRR.v16.0.PA-33_1921_MP33 PRR.v16.0.PA 33 1949 MP33 M022199PRR.v16.0.PA-33_1949_MP33
PRR.v16.0.PA 34 1920 Middleburg MP34 M003949PRR.v16.0.PA-34_1920_Middleburg_MP34 PRR.v16.0.PA 34 1949 Middleburg MP34 M022200PRR.v16.0.PA-34_1949_Middleburg_MP34


Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (1923)

maps1 30621 large maps1 30624 large maps1 30625 large


1925 Pennsylvania Railroad Industrial Directory

Receivers | Shippers | Commodities

J. Paskus & Son, Inc. (see below)
r Bark
r Hides
s Leather - Sole
J. A. Eichman Mills
s Grain - Wheat
Franklin Milling Co.
s Grain - Wheat
Steininger Bros. (see below)
s Lagging
W. B. Winey & Sons (see below)
s Lagging
Middleburg Spinning Mills Inc.
r Silk - Raw
s Silk Goods

r  = Receiver     s = Shipper
This directory is not by any means a complete list of companies or commodities.

These entries were possible through the work of Stephen Tichenal.
More information at Rails & Trails.


Station (MP 33.0)

Middleburg station Middleburg station, looking west. 1917 I.C.C. photo; National Archives. Middleburg water Middleburg standard 35,000-gallon water tank.
1917 I.C.C. photo; National Archives.

H. C. Winey (MP 33.1)

W. B. Winey is shown as "Coal and Grain" on the 1923 Sanborn map (#4).


The 1923 CT1000 lists a J. M. & G. H. Steininger (coal and grain) at MP 33.1 and it is shown on the 1923 Sanborn map. There is no listing in the 1945 CT1000, but the siding is still shown in the 1949 valuation map and indicates a coal shed.

Middleburg Tanning Corp. (MP 33.4)

This is the J. Paskus & Son, Inc. tannery shown on the 1923 Sanborn map and Oil Ref. Co. Tanks shown on the 1920 valuation maps. Valuation field notes indicate that Oil Ref. Co. tanks were removed as of 1938. 

A major employer in the town following the Second World War was the Middleburg Tannery. This facility was located in the Swineford section of Middleburg on the south bank of the Middle Creek. It employed nearly sixty men and women that tanned high grade sole leather. Most of the raw material used at the plant came from South America, and many of the finished products were used in the manufacture of Florsheim Shoes. The tannery complex was leveled by a devastating fire in June 1967 and it was never rebuilt. (Wikipedia)

Storage (MP 33.4)


Dairyman's League Co-operative Ass'n., Inc. No. 2 (MP 33.5)

This would have been Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Co. as of the 1923 CT1000. This is shown as Sheffield Farms on the 1949 valuation map.

The 1943 New York Division Makeup of Trains includes listings for trains RJ-10/11 as carrying a tank car between New York and Harrisburg for forwarding to Canton (and many other creamery locations) via trains 570/571.

M. C. Romberger, Inc. (MP 33.5)

This has to be the un-named siding opposite Sheffield Farms on the 1949 valuation map. 


Valuation field notes indicate that an unloading wharf was added on the north side of the tracks as of 1938.