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The 1884 Form 76 lists Clifford.

The 1900 CT1000 lists Clifford (MP 40.8).

The 1923 CT1000 lists Passing Siding (MP 40.8), G. M. Witmer & Sons (MP 40.8), Station (MP 40.8), and Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Co. and Public Delivery (MP 40.9).

The 1945 CT1000 lists Calvin A. Witmer (MP 40.8).

Valuation Maps

PRR.v16.0.PA 41 1923 Clifford MP41 M003953PRR.v16.0.PA-41_1923_Clifford_MP41 PRR.v16.0.PA 41 1949 Clifford MP41 M022207PRR.v16.0.PA-41_1949_Clifford_MP41


1925 Pennsylvania Railroad Industrial Directory

Receivers | Shippers | Commodities

s Milk and Cream

r  = Receiver     s = Shipper
This directory is not by any means a complete list of companies or commodities.

These entries were possible through the work of Stephen Tichenal.
More information at Rails & Trails.

Valuation field notes indicate the station platform was removed as of 1938.

Calvin A. Witmer (MP 40.8)



Valuation field notes indicate the creamery was removed as of 1938.