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Selinsgrove Jct

The 1884 Form 76 lists Selinsgrove Junction (Lewistown Div. P.R.R.) (MP 48.4).

The 1900 CT1000 lists Selinsgrove Junction (Lewistown Div. P.R.R.) (MP 48.4), and George Martz (MP 49.8, 635).

The 1923 CT1000 lists Sunbury Div. (MP 48.4), Station (MP 48.5, 634), and Public Track (MP 49.9, 635).

The 1945 CT1000 lists only Jc. Lewistown Br., Wilkes-Barre Div. (MP 48.4).

Valuation Maps

PRR.v16.0.PA 45 1927 Selinsgrove Junction M003958PRR.v16.0.PA-45_1927_Selinsgrove_Junction PRR.v16.0.PA 45 1949 Selinsgrove Junction M022212PRR.v16.0.PA-45_1949_Selinsgrove_Junction



32405277311 2cdf156316 oAerial view taken in August 1947, during the construction of the P P & L plant. The homes seen in the lower left are on the Isle of Que in Selinsgrove. The railroad bridge crossing from the Isle of Que to Selinsgrove Junction, on the Susquehanna River's east shore, is seen in the foreground.

Selinsgrove Jct

H9s #2887 leads a freight off of the S&L and is heading north towards Sunbury.
Clarence Weaver photo.

Selinsgrove Bridge Selinsgrove Junction



Station (removed)

Selinsgrove Junction station torn down circa 1932.

Selinsgrove Jct 1898Selinsgrove Junction in 1898. Selinsgrove Junction 2
selinsgrovejunction 13726018155 aefe0aa076 o View (looking south) at SG Junction. Seen are the remodeled station, the interlocking/block 'GD' tower, and the RR bridge, on the far right. The semaphore was relocated further north by this time. The GD tower (left) was completed in 1898. NOTE: This photo is likely from about 1915-20.
Selinsgrove JctThis photo is suspect. Was the station rebuilt?