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Centre Hall

The PRR built this wood station, telegraph call sign RH, located along Pennsylvania Avenue (Pa. Route 144), in 1884 on its Lewisburg & Tyrone Branch.

(Printed in Town & Gown, November 1993)...
Factories were built along the tracks and fed freight onto the cars. A schnitz factory and a barrel factory were at the corner of the fairgrounds. Local farmers brought their apples to be sliced and dried on trays. Apples were then packed into the barrels and shipped to Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York. Tons of grain were shipped from the grain house on Allison Street. They could load seven or eight railroad cars at a time. Behind the train station were was a creamery where butter was made. Refrigerator cars shipped milk into New York City. Pigs, sheep and goats were loaded onto two-level cattle cars and shipped to slaughterhouses. Farmers brought their sheep wool to be bagged, weighed and loaded. Each year’s yield was approximately 40,000 pounds of wool. A sawmill, poultry farm and flour mill produced products to be shipped to other parts of the country. As many as a million chicks, packaged in cardboard boxes, would be shipped out of the train station in a six-month period. Chicks were taken by rail to the west coast where they went by boat to China. Quality limestone was gravity moved on cable cars down a steep slope and dumped into the freight cars. It was used in the Western Pennsylvania mills. Ten to fifteen car loads of fertilizer were come to the station each year. The bags weighed 167 pounds each. Coal was also delivered by train. Passengers went by train to Bellefonte for shopping. Circus trains would pass thru Centre Hall. As early as 1928 there was a decrease in using trains for moving freight. The train station closed in 1972 after Hurricane Agnes’ flooding damaged the tracks.

The 1884 Form 76 contains no listing.

The 1900 CT1000 lists Centre Hall (MP 57.9) and R. E. Bartholemew (MP 57.9).

The 1923 CT1000 lists Centre Hall Lime & Stone Co. (MP 58.0, 7349), Station (MP 58.0), Bradford & Son (MP 57.9), and Passing Siding (MP 58.3, 7350).

The 1945 CT1000 lists Station and Public Delivery (MP 58.0, 7349), Bradford & Son (MP 57.9), and Passing Siding (MP 58.3, 7350).


Station and Public Delivery (MP 49.1)

Type W-101 combination freight and passenger station. Branchline Trains has offered this station as a model in HO scale.

Centre Hall Center Hall 2 1959.


Bradford & Son (MP 57.9)


Passing Siding (MP 58.3)