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The only entry in the CT1000 in 1945 is for the York Water Co., and the town is not identified. The 1923 CT1000 shows the location as Brilhart with a Station (551) and York Water Co. No. 2 (552).

Valuation Maps

PRR.NC.v2.PA 017 1926 MP52 Brilhart M001358

PRR.NC.v2.PA-017_1926_MP52_-_Brilhart (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 017 1948 MP52 Brilhart M011164

PRR.NC.v2.PA-017_1948_MP52_-_Brilhart (PRRT&HS)


York Water Co. No. 2 (MP 52.4)




The former station is the brick house on the west side of the railroad, just south of where the track crosses Days Mill Road. This was originally built as a general store and hotel, and the Northern Central leased space there for a ticket office. Days Mill Road used to go up and over the railroad on a bridge, which was removed in the late 1970s. In the 1920s there was a terrible wreck at Brilhart Station when the lead truck on the K2s that was pulling a passenger train failed. (Ivan Frantz)

Gone But Not Forgotten

BI Brillhart TowerBrillhart "BI" Tower