Seitzland does not even appear in the 1945 CT1000. At its height there were four flour mills, a furniture factory, a cigar maker, and a wagon builder in Seitzland.


Valuation Maps

PRR.NC.v2.PA 004 1918 MP39 M001350

PRR.NC.v2.PA-004_1918_MP39 (PRRT&HS)


PRR.NC.v2.PA 004 1919 MP39 M005808

PRR.NC.v2.PA-004_1919_MP39 (PRRT&HS)


PRR.NC.v2.PA 004 1919 MP39 M005809

PRR.NC.v2.PA-004_1919_MP39 (PRRT&HS)

PRR.NC.v2.PA 004 1948 MP39 M011151

PRR.NC.v2.PA-004_1948_MP39 (PRRT&HS)


PRR.NC.v2.PA 005 1948 MP40 M011152

PRR.NC.v2.PA-005_1948_MP40 (PRRT&HS)


PRR.NC.v2.PA 006 1948 MP41 Seitzland M011153

PRR.NC.v2.PA-006_1948_MP41_-_Seitzland (PRRT&HS)