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Valuation Map​

PRR.v17.1.PA 057 1918r40c49 Pittsburgh Div ML PL Wg200gPRR.v17.1.PA-057_1918r40c49_Pittsburgh_Div_ML (PRRT&HS)
PRR.v17.1.PA 058 1918r40c49 Pittsburgh Div ML PL Wg200gPRR.v17.1.PA-058_1918r40c49_Pittsburgh_Div_ML (PRRT&HS)
PRR.v17.1.PA 059 1918r45c49 Pittsburgh Div ML PL Wg200gPRR.v17.1.PA-059_1918r45c49_Pittsburgh_Div_ML (PRRT&HS)
PRR.v17.1.PA 060 1918r47c49 Pittsburgh Div ML PL Wg200gPRR.v17.1.PA-060_1918r47c49_Pittsburgh_Div_ML (PRRT&HS)
PRR.v17.1.PA 061 1918r46c49 Pittsburgh Div ML Torrance Blairsville Intersection PL Wg200gPRR.v17.1.PA-061_1918r46c49_Pittsburgh_Div_ML_-_Torrance_Blairsville_Intersection (PRRT&HS)
PRR.v17.1.PA 062 1918r47c49 Pittsburgh Div ML PL Wg200gPRR.v17.1.PA-062_1918r47c49_Pittsburgh_Div_ML (PRRT&HS)


Entries from the 1945 edition of the CT1000. Distances are miles from the Altoona passenger station.


Storage (MP 61.5)


Station (MP 61.6)

Junc. Conemaugh Division (MP 61.7)


Torrance State Hospital (MP 61.8)