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Valuation Map​s

PRR.v17.1.PA 095 1918r48c49 Pittsburgh Div ML PL Wg200g.tifPRR.v17.1.PA-095_1918r48c49_Pittsburgh_Div_ML (PRRT&HS)
PRR.v17.1.PA 096 1918r48c49 Pittsburgh Div ML PL Wg200g.tifPRR.v17.1.PA-096_1918r48c49_Pittsburgh_Div_ML (PRRT&HS)
PRR.v17.2.PA 01 TraffordPRR.v17.2.PA-01_Trafford (PRRT&HS)


Entries from the 1945 edition of the CT1000. Distances are miles from the Altoona passenger station.

Eastward Advance Yard (MP 96.1)

Station (MP 96.9)

Junc. Turtle Creek Branch (MP 97.0)

Junc. East Pittsburgh Branch (MP 97.0)