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Valuation Map​

PRR.v17.2.PA 10 SwissvalePRR.v17.2.PA-10_Swissvale (PRRT&HS)


Entries from the 1945 edition of the CT1000. Distances are miles from the Altoona passenger station.

Nicholson & Co. (MP 105.0)

Geo. W. Wurzell (MP 105.0)

Koppers Co. and Koppers Products Co. (MP 105.0)

Pittsburgh Waste Co. and Vesuvius Crucible Co. (MP 105.4)

Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co. (MP 105.5)

Station (MP 105.8)

Union Switch & Signal Co. (MP 105.9)

Union switch signal offices swissvale