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Valuation Map​

PRR.v17.2.PA 12 SLPRR.v17.2.PA-12 (PRRT&HS) PRR.v17.2.PA 12 WilkinsburgPRR.v17.2.PA-12_Wilkinsburg (PRRT&HS)


Entries from the 1945 edition of the CT1000. Distances are miles from the Altoona passenger station.


Penna. Water Co. (MP 106.9)

City Ice & Fuel Co. (MP 106.9)

Passenger Station (MP 107.1)

Warehouse and Delivery (MP 107.5)


McCrady-Rodgers Co. No. 2, Textor Lumber Co. and Edward Eiler Lumber Co. (MP 107.5)

Calorizing Co. (MP 107.6)

Pittsburgh Equitable Meter Co. No. 3 (MP 107.8)

Stirling Lumber Co. (MP 107.8)

Peoples Natural Gas Co. and Atlantic Refining Co. No. 5 (MP 107.7)

North Delivery Yard (MP 107.8)

Wilkins Oil & Gas Co. (MP 107.6)

Donato, Ardolino Stone Co. (MP 107.7)

Houston-Starr Co. No. 2 (MP 107.7)

Copnsolidated Ice Factory No. 8 (MP 107.7)

Bell Telephone Co. of Pa. and Booth & Flinn, Ltd. (MP 107.8)

Chevrolet Motor Co. (MP 107.8)

Automatic Gas Steam Radiator Co. (MP 107.8)

W. G. Balph Co. (MP 107.8)

D. J. Kennedy (MP 107.9)

Pittsburgh Corrugated Paper Box Co. (MP 107.9)

Superior Railway Products Co. (MP 107.9)

Lawson Mfg. Co. (MP 108.0)

Pittsburgh Equitable Meter Co. No. 1 (MP 108.1)

Pittsburgh Equitable Meter Co. No. 2 (MP 108.1)