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Everett Mt. Dallas bridge

Mount Dallas was the southern terminus of the H&BTM. There is interchanged with the PRR with a connection to Cumberland, Md. The H&BTM had traffic rights over the PRR to Bedford, primarily for access to the Supplee milk plant there.

Earlston Furnace

Between Everett and Mount Dallas, there was a "branch" making a sweeping 180-degree turn as it crossed the river to the south side. There it served the Earlston Furnace. This was called the Thropp bridge.

Earlston TrackExcerpt from valuation map sheet 1.

Built in 1884 by the Everett Iron Company, it consumed ore from the Black Valley. The furnace went idle shortly after opening, but was put back into operation when the company was purchased by Joseph Thropp in 1889 and put into blast in 1890. The furnace was shut down in 1923, and the company went bankrupt in 1933. In June 1933, the plant was sold to the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, who began dismantling it in June of 1934.

Earlston1 Earlston2Cast house interior at Earlston Furnace, built in 1884 by the Everett Iron Company. 
Earlston Furnance Everett2 View of the Earlston Furnace Works for the Everett Iron Company in the town of Everett Bedford County in 1910jpg Earlston Furnace, 1910.
Earlston Furnace in the town of Everett Bedford Countyjpg Earlston furnace
Earlston Furnance Everett 1900 Topo Excerpt from a 1900 topographic map. This shows a straight approach from the PRR and not the curving connection to the H&BTM.
Earlston 1939 aerial This 1939 Penn Pilot image shows the curved bridge connection to the H&BTM and the furnace (lower center). If you look very closely at the top left, you can see that there was indeed a straight connection to the PRR. Earlston 1951 aerial This 1951 Penn Pilot image shows the curved bridge and the furnace removed. Note that the Pennsylvania Turnpike has been built through the area.
Mt Dallas Bridge View east. Mt Dallas Bridge Construction
Everett Turnpike View east. Route 30 is at left. The Turnpike is down the center. The bridge to Bedford is at the center. Tropp Viaduct


Mount Dallas

val mt dallasExcerpt from valuation map sheet 1.

HBT mt dallas bridge Everett postcard 2 View west.
Juniata Bridge2 View west. Turnpike in foreground. (Bloody Run Historical Society) HBTM Mt Dallas View east. (Bloody Run Historical Society)



Beyond Mount Dallas, the H&BTM had trackage rights on the PRR into Bedford. There the PRR installed a turntable where the H&BTM could turn power.

hbt everett turntable  38 mount dallas