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PRR.v18.07.PA 17 Windbur
PRR.v18.07.PA-17_Windbur (PRRT&HS)


PRR.v18.07.PA 18
PRR.v18.07.PA-18 (PRRT&HS)

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PRR.v18.07.PA-19 (PRRT&HS)

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PRR.v18.07.PA-23 (PRRT&HS)

1506883 752531691446046 3340046510031657569 nAerial photo of the town of Windber, Somerset County in the 1940's.  16807109 1460337750665433 8880182109688888633 n Aerial view of the community of Windber, Somerset County around 1930. Eureka Mine #31 can be seen on the lower right and Eureka Mine #35 can be seen on the upper left. 
10540807 818981481467733 2236993275097325533 n 10679584 831693866863161 1227495908368703956 o Graham Avenue, looking West in the town of Windber, Somerset County in the 1940's.
10420290 860364723996075 2072277733556953496 nTrain crossing on 15th Street in the town of Windber, Somerset County. 10377168 868970166468864 1466725546540815765 n Pennsylvania Railroad Train coming into Windber, Somerset County in the 1940's. On the caboose are the words "Buy War Bonds".
1660742 915346425164571 6573495193123028191 n Location undetermined. 10995923 927544603944753 7742733198558262872 n
10835400 941319849233895 2760032689209686331 o Group of Coal Miners posing by a Mine Motor in the town of Windber, Somerset County in 1907. 12079114 1052136714818874 6462120510591865748 n School students boarding a train at 15th Street in the town of Windber, Somerset County for a trip to Altoona around 1950-60.
12522991 1107697079262837 2172214976271199158 n 15894424 1413415222024353 7098689164668501826 n Scrap Metal Drive on Graham Avenue at 14th Street in Windber, Somerset County on October 18, 1942 to help out during WWII.
50537147 2348516705180862 7760555645270491136 n Graham Avenue in Windber, Somerset County around the year 1900 when the trolly came into the borough from the Scalp Level area and then went into Krings and Benscreek on route into Johnstown. It was discontinued when the tracks were washed out after the 1936 Flood.  


Entries from the 1945 edition of the CT1000:


Windber Lumber Co. and J. E. Crisman (MP 42.8)

10435503 794406287258586 8741040961504670318 n The Windber Lumber Company, established in 1900, was located in the area at the tracks and 13th.Street in Windber, Somerset County.  


Junc. Pittsburgh Division - Windber Branch (MP 43.1)


Storage (MP 43.3)


Freight Station (MP 43.3)


North Leg Windber Wye (MP 43.3)

F155 - Windber Siding

Weaver & Berkey (MP 43.3)

F158 - Windber Siding

Berwind-White Coal Mining Co. - Car Shops (MP 43.4)

McNeil Colliery No. 1 (McNeil Coal Co.) (MP 43.4)

Peerage Colliery No. 1 (H. Quinn) (MP 43.4)


South Leg Windber Wye (MP 43.5)


Windber Brick Co. (MP 43.9)


Windber Colliery No. 1 (C. E. Schooley) (MP 44.0)


Berwind-White Coal Mining Co. - Power Plant (MP 44.0)


Windber Colliery No. 2 (Windber Hy-Grade Coal Mining Co.) (MP 44.5)


"B" Quality Colliery No. 3 ("B" Quality Coal Co.) (MP 46.4)


Krayn Colliery No. 4 (Conbro Coal Co.) (MP 46.4)


Jennings Cilliery No. 1 (B. Anderson) (MP 46.5)


End of South Fork Branch (MP 46.9)