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Heritage: Pennsylvania Railroad

CT 1000, 1945: Eastern Region, Eastern Pennsylvania Division, Middle Division, Main Line

Middle Division ETT, 1954: Eastern Region, Middle Division, Main Line

Mifflin was founded as the town of Patterson. At one time, Mifflin, as well as the small community of Denholm lying directly north of the town, was an important stop along the Pennsylvania Railroad. 

The Pennsylvania Railroad depot still stands in Mifflin, although it has long been abandoned. Mifflin is named after Thomas Mifflin, the 1st Governor of Pennsylvania.

The town was laid out in 1849 by the Fallon Brothers and named Patterson, by which it was known until changed to Mifflin by judicial decree in 1910. The railroad station has always been Mifflin and this fact led to much confusion until the name of the town was changed. The founders of the town gave to the Railroad company that part of the flat on which the shops were built in 1851 and, subsequently the grounds later used as a yard. For two decades after the road was built, a force of seventy-five men was employed in repairing cars and engines. In 1869 the company removed most of the machinery from the shops to Altoona, and in 1871 the roundhouse was taken down. In the fall of 1926 the shops, store-houses and offices were all removed to Lewistown and in May, 1929, the buildings were razed. This marked the passing of Miffin as a point of importance in operation of the P. R. R.

Valuation Map

PRR.v7.1.PA-040_1920_MP153 (PRRT&HS)

PRR.v7.1.PA 040 1949 MP153 M007137

PRR.v7.1.PA-040_1949_MP153 (PRRT&HS)

PRR.v7.1.PA 041 1920 MP154 Mifflin M003921

PRR.v7.1.PA-041_1920_MP154_-_Mifflin (PRRT&HS)

PRR.v7.1.PA 041 1948 MP154 Mifflin M011891

PRR.v7.1.PA-041_1948_MP154_-_Mifflin (PRRT&HS)

  PRR.v7.1.PA 41 1949 Mifflin MP154 M007138PRR.v7.1.PA-41_1949_Mifflin_MP154


1925 Sanborn Maps

sb mifflin 1925 1 sb mifflin 1925 4 sb mifflin 1925 5


1925 Pennsylvania Railroad Industrial Directory

Receivers | Shippers | Commodities

W. H. Manbeck & Co.
r -s  Feed
s Feed / Mill
r - s Feed / Prepared
s Flour
r - s Grain / Oats
r - s Grain / Wheat
r - s Lumber
r Salt
Haws Refractories Co. (On Location: 249 - Hawstone, Pa.)
s Brick / Fire
r Lime / Chemical
r Sand / Brick
s Silica
Juniata Hosiery Mills
r Box Shooks
r Dye Stuff
s Hosiery
r Yarn / Cotton
r Yarn / Silk
Royal Rug Mills
s Carpets & Rugs / Rugs
r Rags
r Yarn / Cotton
r Yarn / Linens

r  = Receiver     s = Shipper
This directory is not by any means a complete list of companies or commodities.

These entries were possible through the work of Stephen Tichenal.
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MIFFLIN 2 mifflin 1980s
MIFFLIN, 1980s.
MIFFLIN MifflinTower1

Wm. H. Manbeck Co. No. 1 (MP 48.9)

The Sanborn map shows only one siding for Manbeck in 1925. It is feasible that Manbeck took over W. S. North, another coal and lumber dealer shown on the Sanborn.

Wm. H. Manbeck Co. No. 2 (MP 48.9)

The Sanborn map shows Manbeck as a flour mill, but with lumber and coal sheds as well.


Manbeck Blue Coal  

Station (MP 49.0)

mifflin 1910
Mifflin, 1910.
mifflin 04 1940Mifflin, 1940s.
Mifflin Station mifflinprr
Mifflin town Possibly the freight depot, based on the Sanborn map. mifflinold


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